'So You Think You Can Dance' Names Season 15 Champion After Close Finale

So You Think You Can Dance has crowned yet another winner as Hannahlei Cabanilla danced her way to the title of America's Favorite Dancer during a tough season of the Fox reality competition.

Prior to Monday's tense finale, the four finalists — Jensen Arnold, Cabanilla, Genessy Castillo and Slavik Pustovoytov — all seemed to have a solid shot at winning the competition, maintaining tight ranks throughout. But during the two-hour special, Pustovoytov came in fourth, Castillo third,

It all came down to the judges' final assessment, that and the votes of viewers that have been streaming in all week to push their favorite dancer to the top.

Cabanilla's fan base has been slightly more subdued, but the stunning dancer still had a lot of support from viewers that had many thinking she could pull it off in the end.

Arnold, a fan favorite among the top four, had both the talent and the fandom to declare victory, but the finale had her coming in second to Cabanilla.

Castillo had been a fan favorite because of her sweetheart demeanor and ability to push through tough times, which brought her through to third place.

Pustovoytov, the finale's only male competitor, showed throughout the season he was able to take notes from the judges and improve, putting many fans on his side heading into the finale. But after he was eliminated going into the final three, fans were left with an all-female finalist pool.

But in the end, it was Cabanilla that won the heart of America

Fans of the dancer took to Twitter soon after the announcement to celebrate:


"I'm so happy @hannahleidazle won #SYTYCD!!! Thank god the best dancer actually won!" another added.

Others were disappointed, saying their favorite deserved the title and prize in the end.

"Genessy and Slavik were my top two. Love the others, too. But gosh these two grew the most #SYTYCD" one fan wrote on Twitter.

"I hate this! Genessy is the dancer I will remember from this season! #sytycd" another added.


Another frustrated fan railed, "Every season they get it wrong !#SYTYCD"

Photo credit: Fox