'sMothered' Star Kathy Convinces Cristina to Bypass Husband Carlo Buying a House in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Cristina is officially convinced she doesn't need her husband Carlo to have her dream home, all thanks to mom Kathy and her major offer. In a PopCulture exclusive of Monday's all-new episode of sMothered, Kathy and Cristina sit down to discuss how they could team up to put an offer in on the house next door without Carlo knowing.

When Kathy pitches the idea that she buy the house with her daughter as an investment property, Cristina is initially taken aback. "Well, what other option do we have if he's not going to come around?" Kathy asks her, to which Cristina acknowledges the other option is simply not moving. "I don't wanna see the house go to somebody else," her mom presses.

"I'm not gonna stand by and take a shot of [Carlo] messing up this deal if this is what she really wants, and I think it is what she really wants," Kathy explains of her offer in a confessional. "I'll have to step in and be the bad guy again. If Carlo won't make sure Cristina's happy, I sure as hell will."

When Cristina points out Carlo might have some strong feelings about living in a house owned by his mother-in-law, Kathy jokes, "Oh, he's gonna toe the line now. He's gonna learn how to fix things." Cristina responds, "Oh, my God. If I do this, he's gonna kill me." Looking at the worst-case scenario of Carlo getting "really mad," however, Cristina feels ready to take that risk.

"I can call him a bad influence on you," Kathy adds when asked how she'll feel about Carlo's response toward her after this. "He's trying to stifle you and not let you have anything that you want. This is ridiculous now. I mean, this is supposed to be a partnership. You're supposed to have some say-so in things that go on in your life."


Signing the papers, Kathy tells her daughter she would do anything for her to make her happy, and Cristina admits she's "convinced" this is the right choice. "Why wouldn't I do it with Cristina if he won't?" Kathy adds to the camera. "What is he going to do? In the end, when it's all said and done, he will move in and he'll be happy. We know what's best for Carlo. We always know what's best for Carlo."

Cristina adds, "Right. And if I'm happy, he'll be happy," to which Kathy chimes in, "If she's happy, I'll be happy, so everybody will be happy." Her daughter continues, "Yeah, it's like a trickle-down effect, you know? If I'm happy, she's happy, then Carlo's happy." When asked by the producer if Carlo is at the bottom, Cristina jokes, "Yeah, he goes down at the bottom. We come first, then him." sMothered airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.