'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Reveals She's Not Living Alone After Return From Chicago

Meri Brown from Sister Wives came back from Chicago with a new housemate according to her latest Instagram posting. While there have been teases and rumors that Kody Brown's first legal wife was seeing other men, it turns out she's got a furrier companion in her life at the moment.

Upon her return from visiting Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss in Chicago, Brown revealed that she came back with Mosby to live with her full-time.

"Oh Mosby, you are perfect!!" Brown wrote in the caption for her photo, with the dog sitting on her lap after spending some time outside wandering. Mariah and Audrey still have dog Koda on their end of the country, but Meri is now enjoying the companionship offered by Mosby.

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The reality star shared video from her morning walk with her new furry roomie as part of her Instagram Story on Friday. The first clip showed Mosby running through a wide open field, with the words "where's Mosby??" written over the clip.

The second shows Mosby just walking along and exploring alongside Brown, living like every dog owner loves to on social media.

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It shouldn't surprise Sister Wives fans that Meri brought the dog into the house. Back in June she posted a photo holding an adorable puppy by her face, adding that she'd love to add a puppy to the Brown clan.

"No for real I'm not, but if I were to ever, I'm sure it would be very similar to this little guy!" Brown captioned the photo at the time. "Thank you [Amber Sorensen] for shared custody, I'll visit him as often as I can get up there!!"

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Mosby looks nothing like the puppy in that photo but having a familiar dog around is better than trying to train and settle a new dog.

It's another positive turn for the reality star. She has been posting about "living my why" for months now amid rumors of family drama and the move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

There have also been a lot of rumors swirling that she is making plans to leave Kody Brown and find love elsewhere, with several headlines popping up every time she takes a photo with a new guy on Instagram. They're all just friends and family but it doesn't stop folks from speculating.


The dog news is also positive news in the midst of criticism she had been receiving over recent posts about a wildfire near her home. Commenters were critical of Brown and claimed she was trying to "profit" off of the fire using a post in her Instagram Story.

"So tacky of her to use a natural disaster to peddle her mlm leggings," one critic wrote using the hashtags "get them while they're hot" and "fire sale."