'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown 'Dating' Wife Meri Amid Marital Problems

Kody and Meri Brown are starting over in their marriage amid the Sister Wives couple's ongoing marital problems.

In Sunday's Sister Wives: Tell-All special, Kody and his four wives looked back on the relationship issues that led to Meri seeking out a relationship with a woman online masquerading as a man, and how the subsequent discovery of her dalliance led to where they are today.

"What we've had to do is discover our new baseline," Kody told the host. "Every marriage has a baseline, and it gently changes through the years for most people. Well, Meri and I had an abrupt change. Different culture, Different religious values, we might have just [gotten a divorce], but we're fortunate enough to be blessed to be a part of a family that is its own culture. So we continue to move forward working on that, steadily moving in a direction where we're just fully mended."

Meri didn't quite agree that their change in dynamic was so sudden, telling her husband that while she may "look forward" to healing from that rift, "I don't feel like we had an abrupt change, I really don't. I feel like the realization of it was probably abrupt, but I think that it was like moving in not a positive direction for a really long time prior to the realization."

Kody agreed they had been on an unhealthy path for a while, but told Meri of working on themselves today, "This is like the new beginning. The past is gone."

"You have to figure out a way almost to just cut it off and just be dead," Meri said of her ideas about her marriage before the scandal. "I honestly have had to mourn what is gone."

"Meri's very into nostalgia," Kody chimed in. "I'm just looking into the future."

"And I'm looking at a future as well," Meri told him. "I am, and I have a lot of hope for what could be."

As for their status at the moment? "We are dating," Kody admitted. "We literally got to a place, it just got nasty. And like no, we're not gonna do that anymore ... I am cutting off everything that was the past. It's a new date, it's a new girlfriend, it's a new person, but we have a history and we also know each other."

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.


Photo credit: TLC