'Sister Wives': Meri Brown Mingling With Young Men While on Vacation

Meri Brown has reportedly been living wild since going on vacation back at the end of March. Despite being "spiritually married" to Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown, Brown has reportedly been "seeing so many guys" according to sources and actually went on vacation without her husband back at the end of the month.

Her trip just wrapped up according to her social media posts, with RadarOnline pointing out that Meri posted an image with two random guys she met on her way out of Puerto Rico on Friday.

The photo posted by the Sister Wives star shows her standing between two young guys she met at the hotel while leaving Puerto Rico.

(Photo: Meri Brown, Getty)

"When you win your [Amazing Race] challenge in St Maarten and end up with a bottle of run but don't drink and don't want to carry it on the flight home, you hand it off to a couple of guys you run into while leaving the hotel," Brown captioned the photo on Instagram. "Hope you guys enjoyed it!"

While it wouldn't seem that this is evidence of any alleged relationship for Brown, it is the latest piece of news for the reality star that indicates she could be moving on from her marriage. It also feeds into reports that she has been seeing "so many guys" outside of her relationship.

"The minute someone looks at her negatively, she's done. She's very hot and very cold. She's a very difficult person to be around," former friend Kendra Pollard-Parra told InTouch Weekly. "She dates but she's probably not going to become public with anybody until they're serious because she knows the scrutiny she'll get and her biggest thing right now is keeping her fans happy and promoting her business."

There is confirmation that is true or not despite the reports, but still Brown is definitely showing her independence a bit more on social media. She posted plenty of great photos during her solo vacation in Puerto Rico and reportedly is "considered an unmarried woman" according to RadarOnline.

As the outlet points out, Kody actually divorced Brown in 2014 to legally marry his current wife, Robyn, adopting her kids from a previous marriage. But Brown, along with fellow wives Janelle and Christine, is still "spiritually" married to Kody.

There has been plenty of tension between Brown and the rest of the clan, helping to fuel her alleged push for freedom. Not only did Brown allegedly feel "attacked" by her fellow Sister Wives stars over her new bed and breakfast business venture back in Utah. While her family seemed happy on the outside, their true feelings were made clear on a recent episode of the series.

Robyn Brown mentioned that she was "a little hurt" by the decision by Brown to move into the business on her own, while Christine noted she was "frustrated" by the choice.

Kody likely was the most hurt, calling her business decision a "selfish" move.

"We're trying here, and frankly, I'll be honest with you, because honestly, it seems a little selfish to me," Kody discussed on the show. "I'm deeply bothered that this is all about Brown, and she can't understand the needs of the rest of the family."

It would seem that stress like this and her own desires for more freedom have fueled recent reports about her relationship.


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