'Sister Wives' Star Focuses on Good Amid Family Turmoil

Sister Wives star Meri Brown isn't letting the drama in her union to longtime partner Kody Brown and his other wives stop her from smelling the roses. Kody and his other wife Christine Brown split after Christine opted to end her 25-year marriage to Kody, leaving the rest of the family in the process. Christine now lives in Utah, miles away from her old life in Arizona. Meri is taking to social media and doing some reflecting since returning from a cross-country road trip with Kody and the crew.

Meri says she became filled with thankfulness while "standing at the sink doing dishes." "Gratitude for family, for friendships, for my work and the people I get to work with almost on the daily, for the positive influence of so many of my friends and mentors," she wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday, Nov. 18. "Gratitude for this huge life filled with opportunity and fulfillment. Because y'all, I'm feeling it!"

Meri, 50, continued, writing, "There's [sic] times when we could all pick apart our lives and focus on the things that are going wrong, the things that didn't turn out how we expected, the this, the that, the other. Because we all have those things. But really, what joy is that bringing us?"

Meri added that "it's not about ignoring the challenges" in life, but instead "focusing on the things that are GOOD...I live a life fulfilled, full of joy, happiness, empowerment, and adventure. All the good things! And I'm so grateful!"

Meri's relationship with Kody hasn't been without hiccups. They hit a rough patch that they haven't necessarily fully recovered from. In 2015, Meri was involved in a catfishing scandal. She began a relationship with an online mate she assumed to be a man, but who turned out to be a woman.


A source told OK! Magazine that Meri and Kody are married "spiritually" and not "legally," adding they are only "together for TV." In fact, Meri has been busy doing her own thing and focusing on her own desires. 

The source added that Meri "has become very independent" and "spends a lot of time with her kids and goes wherever they go." Meri and Kody have a 26-year-old daughter, Mariah.