'Sister Wives': Meri Brown Addresses the Possibility of a New Addition to Family

It would be easy to think that Meri Brown from Sister Wives is ready to start heading out on her own. But the latest social media post from the reality star indicates she'd really love to add to the family instead of taking away. She's just not officially ready yet.

(Photo: Meri Brown/Instagram)

In the new photo, Brown is pictured holding an adorable puppy to close out the week. She just makes it clear she is not getting one right now.

"No for real I'm not, but if I were to ever, I'm sure it would be very similar to this little guy!" Brown captioned the photo. "Thank you [Amber Sorensen] for shared custody, I'll visit him as often as I can get up there!!"

Brown highlighted the post with a slew of familiar hashtags, including "Living my why," "Because I can," "Life fulfilled," and finally "puppies of Instagram."

This follows weeks of rumored drama and adventures for Brown, including some cryptic shade between herself, her fellow sister wives and husband Kody Brown. The two sniped at each other through quotes on Twitter according to recent reports, following plenty of moments of independence for the reality star.

She took a cruise to Puerto Rico, was reportedly seeing plenty of other men, threw around a few axes for fun, and went to Disneyland. According to past reports, this fits in with Meri's role as an outsider.

"We don't talk," Christine Brown said about Meri. "We don't have any conversations. You're not comfortable with me. It's not like I talk to Robyn and Janelle. I'm not that close with them either. My relationship with my sister wives and Kody became hard. I can't give it my all when I don't want to do it."

Another sticking point has reportedly been Meri Brown's growing business away from the family. The rest of the Brown clan didn't take kindly to the decision to independently start the venture, leading to a lot of the speculation.


Kody Brown's decision to move his family to Flagstaff, Arizona is another point of contention between the sister wives. Most of them seemed happy with their lives in Las Vegas and objected to the move at the start. Now they are there, reportedly facing financial issues, and possibly legal issues too.

Sister Wives should return for a new season in 2020, but TLC has not confirmed the show's return.