'Sister Wives': Meri Brown Accused of 'Looking for an Out' in Marriage to Kody Brown

When Sister Wives star Meri Brown first broached her plan to open a bed and breakfast, husband [...]

When Sister Wives star Meri Brown first broached her plan to open a bed and breakfast, husband Kody Brown and fellow wives Robyn, Christine and Janelle were convinced it was part of a larger plan to leave them.

In the second part of the TLC series' Tell-All Sunday, Kody revealed one of the bigger tensions behind the family not supporting Meri's plan to buy an old family home and rent out rooms as a small business.

"At the time, it was one of these things where I have a much bigger picture to deal with and this is one of those things that is more like an irritation to me," Kody said of his wife's business plans. "It's something that doesn't look right to me. It didn't pass my sniff test, and I'm like, 'Meri do your thing and you can do it.' At the time, very different view."

Confused, Meri asked him, "So are you good with me?" to which he replied, "In a nutshell, it always looked like, to me, that you were going to leave."

Seemingly getting the gravity of his concerns for the first time, Meri said, "That's why you were frustrated with the whole thing! I'm just now understanding this."

It wasn't just that. Kody made sure to clarify he also thought the business was "a bad investment," but as the small businesswoman echoed of his thoughts, "Meri's looking for an out."

"You really thought that I was leaving and that's why I was wanting it?" she asked her family, who all told her they were surprised the idea hadn't sunk in earlier.

In the end, Kody explained he was "glad" Meri was able to buy the house and flip it, regardless of it being in a different state than their Flagstaff, Ariz. home.

That doesn't detract from Meri's ongoing issues feeling at home in the polygamist family, however.

Christine, who has struggled with her and Meri's relationship over the last few years, added of the interpersonal issues within the family, "I can tell Meri every day that you have a place in this family, but until she believes she has a place in the family, she never will."

Photo credit: TLC