'Sister Wives': Kody Brown Slams Janelle, Claims She 'Never Supported Me'

The life that Kody Brown knew before moving his family to Flagstaff, Arizona seems like a fantasy at this point in the Sister Wives tale. In season 17 of the series, fans have watched Kody's wives give in to drama and split from him. First was Christine Brown, making her decision a year ago and having it play out on TV this season.

Now another wife, Janelle Brown, has decided to leave, with InTouch Weekly confirming the details and reaching out for comments. In a preview for Sunday's new episode, fans saw Kody Brown reveal the strain on the family and where he places the blame.

"I think sometimes that Janelle has pit me against the boys, or never supported me with the boys," Kody Brown says in the episode. "I'm having the hardest time, not just feeling like she's just betraying me. I'm not saying that they have to actually apologize to me, and I corrected that many times already. It's almost like that's what she's told them so she can't back off on it because they're trying to put the heat onto me for what's been going on here."

The Sister Wives patriarch has been vocal about his feeling betrayed by his wives, sometimes seeking to get support from his other two against their departed former sisters. Janelle Brown's continued bond with Christine Brown after she left her marriage has also been a sticking point. The former sister wives have supported each other and provided advice to deal with the growing stress within the family.

Friday saw the outlet break news that Janelle had decided to leave her marriage to Kody Brown, much like Christine Brown. In another teaser, Janelle Brown shared that she felt Kody was forcing her to choose between her children and the marriage. "Janelle is a strong, independent woman and realized she can do it on her own," InTouch reported on Friday, with an insider adding that she felt she had outgrown her marriage to Kody.

After the news was confirmed, Janelle Brown changed her social media description and maintained some positivity with her latest posts, giving her dogs some festive sweaters to wear. The couple had been together for 29 years, spiritually wedding in 1993.