'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Posts Rare Selfie, Hits Back at Haters Over Hair

Some may not be a fan, but Kody Brown is proud of his hair. After a Twitter user took to the [...]

Some may not be a fan, but Kody Brown is proud of his hair. After a Twitter user took to the social media platform to criticize "the evolution" of his "rat trap" of a main, the Sister Wives star hit back at the May-dated tweet with a rare selfie showing off his long locks earlier this month.

Brown's new style certainly seemed to win over fans, who flocked to the selfie to share their reactions on his hair, which has generated so much talk that TLC in 2011 released a video titled "Ode to Kody's Hair."

"Hair looks great Mr Kodi sir," one fan wrote. "don't listen to the trolls they have nothing better to do than make fun of our drag other people down, I'm sorry.... God bless."

"You definitely rock that hairdo! You wouldn't be YOU with anything else," another commented.

"He is handsome with the full beard that's salt and pepper..... I think if his wives like it who are we to judge," wrote a third.

"The fact you have hair is amazing given the large family stressors. I'm pretty sure I'd be bald and dead," a fourth joked, making reference to Brown's large family, which includes four wives and 18 children.

Several more couldn't help but feel that the TLC reality star's beard completed the look, with comments coming in that read, "the beard really makes it look good" while another wrote that "full beard is a win."

Brown's Oct. 4 selfie is definitely a rarity. While the Sister Wives star remains relatively active on Twitter, albeit mostly in the form of retweets and occasional images documenting his time with his family, the same cannot be said for his activity on Instagram. Boasting nearly 40,000 followers, Brown's Instagram account has only made a total of four posts since September of 2017, with the final post coming in September of 2018, when he shared a photo overlooking a field.

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That serene image, however, is no longer what Brown looks out on when he gazes out the window, as his family recently picked up their belongings and put down their roots in Flagstaff, Arizona. In June, camera crews were spotted in the city, suggesting that filming for the not-yet announced Sister Wives Season 14 had begun.