'Sister Wives': Kody Brown Blames Other Wives Conspiring for Meri Brown Divorce

Kody Brown is pointing his fingers at everybody but himself after the end of three of his marriages this year. On the newest episode of Sister Wives, Brown is sitting down as part of the One on One tell-all episodes, with the first part airing Sunday night.

"Some of the games that were happening, were things like when we moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, I was trying to reconcile with Meri," Brown says in a preview for the episode, according to InTouch Weekly. "Meri gave me this really cool birthday present, and I'm in this place, telling Janelle [Brown], Christine and Robyn [Brown] that I might reconcile with Meri. And Christine lost her s-t that day."

For Brown, his wives aren't making decisions to please him or bend to his will, they're doing it to spite their fellow wives. For him, Christine Brown and Meri Brown didn't see eye-to-eye, making his alleged attempt to reconcile moot.

The move to Flagstaff played out on TLC and social media, leaving most questions answered and most viewers well-informed on how the clan was doing. He also reveals that Christine reportedly told one of their children that she was in a "loveless marriage," and that she kicked him out. "I was trying to reconcile with Meri. There's something wrong in the relationship between Meri and Christine," Kody Brown added.

Christine Brown got the chance to give her side of the story after being asked why she was "offended" by her husband's relationship with his first wife. "Why would I be offended to a marriage that's broken like that [sic]?," she said.

Meri Brown recently confirmed that she and Kody Brown had split, the third of the Sister Wives to beat feet away from the controversial reality show figure. Even worse, his remaining marriage to his wife Karyn Brown could be next due to her insistence that she's not seeking a monogamous relationship.

But for Meri Brown's decision, fans are likely not surprised and relieved she finally confirmed what everybody expected her to do years ago. She also got a chance to comment on her former husband's viewpoint, telling InTouch her truth after the One on One teaser confirmed their split.

"It just doesn't make sense to me that he would be so frustrated with Christine and be like, 'She just made this decision,'" Brown told the outlet. "We didn't consult, we didn't talk, she just made the decision,' and then he says, 'No, I don't consider myself married to Meri.' Like, he just made the decision. I've never heard him say that to me."