'Seven Year Switch' Wife Admits She's 'Falling for' Switch Husband

Will Seven Year Switch couple Charles and Angela leave their spouses and become a real couple when this experiment ends?

After trading respective spouses Kenya and Tony during an experimental marriage therapy during this season of the Lifetime reality series (produced by Kinetic Content), Charles and Angela have created a bond with one another that has made their real life spouses uncomfortable as it comes down to the end of the two-week switch therapy session. And in Tuesday's all-new episode, neither one was sure they wanted to return to their real spouses in the end.

Hearing the results of the Summit Meetings from Angela, during which Kenya said she wasn't willing to compromise with her husband when it comes to religion, Charles questioned if he ever wanted to repair things with his wife.

"Right now, I'm not so certain [his future] is gonna be with Kenya, and there's not a lot of time to decide," he admitted to the camera, calling his life with Angela a "dream life."

"I'm not ready to go home yet," he continued, adding, "I'm not sure I want to be married to Kenya right now."

Later, he suffered a less-than-minor breakdown when thinking of returning to his marriage, flipping out and jumping out of the car when asked about his relationship with Kenya by producers.

"The augmented reality of switch therapy became real on some level at some points," he said. "Angela is really good about letting me be me, so having to go from this dream house, dream marriage, dream everything, back to reality is a bit confusing. Part of my brain is like, I really want to stay with Angela. It's easy over here."

Angela added that her relationship with Charles shocked her, calling him a "twinsie, two peas in a pod" kind of friend. But it may even be more than that, she revealed during the switch couple's last night together.

"I have so many different emotions going on," she admitted. "I'm not that excited to return home. Who would want to leave what I've been living in to go back to what I was coming from?

She continued, "After being with Charles I'm a little bit nervous, because I think I'm falling for him. I'm like, did I marry the wrong person?"

Will the two forge their own relationship? Or return to their marriages?


Seven Year Switch (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime