Sean Lowe Reveals His Choice for the Next 'Bachelor'

Bachelor Nation is buzzing over who will be The Bachelor's next leading man. Will it be heartbroken Blake Horstmann? Or controversial Colton Underwood? Well, if you ask former Bachelor star Sean Lowe, the ideal answer has been in front of fans' eyes all along.

In an exclusive interview with, Lowe admitted that he and wife Catherine, who met on the ABC reality show, have been largely removed from the most recent season of The Bachelorette, which concluded Monday. They did, after all, just welcome their second son, Isaiah, a little more than two months ago.

But his choice for next Bachelor doesn't depend on Becca Kufrin's season.

"People have been saying this for years, and I don't think it will ever happen, but the dream Bachelor is Chris Harrison," he says of the show's longtime host. "And then maybe I can be on the show to give him the clichéd advice that he would give me periodically."

It's clear Harrison's advice panned out for Lowe, whose romance with Catherine sparked during his 2013 season of The Bachelor and has provided "couple goals" for Bachelor Nation ever since.

"A lot of people have reached out to Catherine just to ask her how she was able to navigate certain things because it can be tricky," Lowe says of the couple's influence on future seasons' contestants.

Now that they're no longer vying for roses, the couple has taken up the domestic mantle, which as the couple discovered, comes with a lot of clutter.

(Photo: Lowe’s + CRAFTSMAN / Sam Hodde)

So the couple was approached by Lowes and CRAFTSMAN tools, he was happy to partner with them in order to turn his garage from a mess of toys and junk into a streamlined, functional space.

"It quickly became cluttered with all kinds of junk. Most of which was the kids junk," Lowe told PopCulture. "I was in desperate need of a garage makeover because I didn't have a good way to organize everything. That was my main problem. So luckily, I got to team up with Lowe's and Craftsman Tools and they hooked me up with great shelving, so that I could organize all the stuff. We have these really cool, Craftsman heavy duty tool cabinets. You know the big read and black ones that maybe you see on TV."

(Photo: Lowe’s + CRAFTSMAN / Sam Hodde)

After only half a day of work, Lowe says his former man cave is now picture perfect. "My garage looks like one of those really nice mechanics garages that you might see on TV now," he says.

Photo credit: Lowe’s + CRAFTSMAN / Sam Hodde, Instagram/Sean Lowe