'Rock of Love' Lacey Sculls 'Revisits' VH1 Days With New Podcast (Exclusive)

She's known for her villain character on both Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and Rock of Love: Charm School, in which Sharon Osbourne hosted, but she's quite the opposite in real life. Lacey Sculls rose to fame after her debut on the popular VH1 shows in the early 2000s, but now she's taking a trip down memory lane with her new podcast Talk of Love as she brings on some of her former co-stars, some of whom she never got along with at the time. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Sculls explains why she started the podcast in the first place and how both reality shows have changed her life.

"It's funny because I was actually planning on doing some show or podcast that was going to be more political in nature," she confessed, before explaining the pandemic shifted her focus for the show. "I've been very outspoken about activism and politics and animal rights and all kinds of stuff for years. I just started realizing that everything in our country right now [...] has just been so dark and I felt people needed an escapism."

Since the "Of Love" shows aren't "losing steam," she decided to continue their popularity via podcast and bring on former cast members. "I just started thinking about it and I was like, 'What if I did something where I was revisiting this and interviewing Of Love stars [...]," she explained before confessing how shocked she was that some of them actually agreed to come and chat with her. "[...] I played this villain character, the only downside to that is I really didn't get to know a lot of my castmates, especially from Rock of Love. What's been cool about the podcast, to be totally honest with you, I'm really surprised that half of the girls from my show actually agreed to come on my podcast [...]."

She used Samantha Weisberg, from Season 1 of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, as an example, explaining how they did not get along at the time, but now the two are good friends. However, despite who she use to play on TV, she and several girls from the show's past get along really well now. As far as keeping up with Michaels or Osbourne, she doesn't stay in touch with Osbourne but now and again will see Michaels for a quick catch-up.

"Unfortunately, I haven't talked to Sharon in a long, long time. As far as Bret goes, I do usually see him just about every time he tours," she revealed, complementing on how kind the rocker has been over the years to she and her husband Jonny Sculls and noted how much she loves Osbourne, but they don't stay in touch.


When Sculls became a big name in the real world, she did so when reality television was on the rise and opened a lot of doors for Sculls. "I've been doing music my whole life, and I got offered a really great tour after that. I also got opportunities to represent my own ideologies [...] for example; I was invited to speak at the State Capitol in California at a press conference alongside Sen. Dean Florez in favor of animal-friendly legislation. That was really cool. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten that opportunity if it wasn't for the show," she said of how it's impacted her life.

She wrapped up by saying how thankful she was to have had such a great time on each show. Sculls mentioned that some of her other castmates were not pleased with the result because of how they were portrayed. However, she walked away satisfied, even though she was "one of the most hated characters on those shows." Moving forward, as Sculls gears up for a new year, she says she'll keep kicking around ideas for another podcast and other projects. For more on your favorite reality stars, keep it right here at PopCulture.com.