'RHONY' Star Ramona Singer 'Very Uncool' in Asking for Invite From Luann de Lesseps' Ex

The Real Housewives of New York City have a major girl code violation on their hands. While Luann [...]

The Real Housewives of New York City have a major girl code violation on their hands. While Luann de Lesseps was choking down a jail cell bologna sandwich in jail (mustard packet garnish included), her friend Ramona Singer was busy begging her ex for an invite to his New Year's Even yacht party, it was revealed on Wednesday's all-new episode.

Returning from rehab following her Palm Beach arrest a newer, more sober Countess, de Lesseps found her new sense of Zen tested when she heard from Dorinda Medley (who else?) that Singer had tried to get an invite to Tom D'Agostino's party on the very boat where he and de Lesseps threw their rehearsal dinner almost exactly a year prior.

That marriage would end just seven months later, sending de Lesseps down a self-destructive path that ended with her escaping handcuffs in the back of a police officer's patrol car while yelling, "I'll kill you all!" (She has since accepted a plea deal to drop her felony charges for less serious ones).

Understandably, de Lesseps was a little upset that Singer was trying to pop open a bottle of champagne with D'Agostino while simultaneously wishing her well.

"Here I am in rehab … I mean, what's wrong with her?" de Lesseps said. "It's mind-blowing that she would even consider something like that and call herself my friend?"

"It's very uncool…," de Lesseps continued. "She's texting me at the same time, 'I'm here to support you, I hope everything's okay.' … It's shocking even for Ramona! … Is she really that dumb? … What a traitor."

While the rest of the Housewives stood by their jailbird friend's side, Medley may have put it best. "What kind of a—hole woman would want to go to Tom's New Year's Eve party? That's what you call a real slob kabob," she said.

Singer, meanwhile, didn't feel bad for her perceived wrongdoing, saying she had been calling to see if she could get a friend in Palm Beach invited, and that her own ask was merely incidental. Sure. And as RHONY fans will remember, Singer and D'Agostino had been a couple before de Lesseps came along, excluding her from her co-star's 2016 wedding.

"I do not want to hurt Luann, but I did nothing wrong in my opinion," Singer said in a confessional. "Tom never did anything to me, I saw him exactly for what he is and was, and I accept him."

"What is Luann so upset about? She started dating Tom behind my back. She knew I was dating him and never shared that fact," Singer continued, admitting that she never secured the invite from D'Agostino, who claimed he was "over [his] limit."

Despite her insistence that she hadn't crossed a line, Sonja Morgan, who had been on the party's guest list but declined the invite, drew a pretty clear line for her friend.

"We're friends, but still, I'm there for [Luann]," she said. "Your loyalty is to Luann."

After being confronted by pretty much everyone else on the show, Singer finally admitted that she may have done wrong.

"You know what, it was a bad call. It was a bad call," Singer apologized. "And I shouldn't have done it. Just because my girlfriend wanted me to do it, I shouldn't have done it because of her."

Later, to Medley and Radziwell, she continued her apology tour. "Listen, I'm not perfect, and I never said I am. It's all about recognizing when you make a mistake. I know it sounds silly, but if it were [your boyfriends], I never would have texted. Something about Tom … it was like a little blip. They were together six months, a year, and this girl was pressuring me. [Luann's arrest], that had nothing to do with Tom."

Despite all the meditating and self-reflection money could buy, de Lesseps wasn't buying her co-star's mea culpa.

"I was reflecting on that because I could be completely upset with Ramona, but I actually feel sorry for her," de Lesseps told Medley. "It's kind of pathetic what she did. Do you see remorse there? Because I didn't see remorse."

As the Countess herself would say, "Money can't buy you class."

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