'RHOD' Star D'Andra Simmons Accuses LeeAnne Locken's Fiance of Cheating

D'Andra Simmons thinks she knows why LeeAnne Locken's wedding to Rich Emberlin keeps getting [...]

D'Andra Simmons thinks she knows why LeeAnne Locken's wedding to Rich Emberlin keeps getting delayed.

The Real Housewives of Dallas star confronted her best friend during Wednesday's episode of the Bravo reality show, asking about the state of her engagement amid a tough season for the two women. One thing Simmons wanted to address was Locken's feelings about her groom's three prior marriages.

"Do you feel like he's not gonna stay married to you?" she asked Locken, who replied, "Well, he hasn't stayed married before. I don't know. I think he'll stay."

"Is that a fear you have?" Simmons asked, to which Locken admitted.

"Do you feel like he's faithful?" Simmons then doubled down, earning a shocked look from the soon-to-be bride.

She continued to the cameras, "I'm asking her because I'm giving her the opportunity to tell me the truth. Anyone whose best friend is getting married and all the sudden they're backpedaling, that's the first thing you say: 'Is there another woman?""

But Locken deflected, saying, "C'mon, as many nights as I'm out and he's at home?"

"Although you guys do lead separate lives," Simmons noted, adding in her confessional, "The person before my husband, we kept time telling the tale that we're gonna get married and all that stuff, but we led separate lives. I knew he cheated on me but I let it happen. I don't know if that's what's happening with LeeAnne and Rich, but I'm a little suspicious."

Simmons tried one more time to back into the question, saying she had one more time that she had heard questions from others based on how much the two are out at night without one another. But Locken shut her down, saying, "It is not true. He's at home while I'm out ... because I let him stay home. He has a choice, I don't drag him everywhere. We're not leading separate lives. He's not having some life over here and I'm having some life over there; that's ridiculous. I don't make Rich do anything he doesn't want to do, and he doesn't make me do anything I don't want to do. We just respect each other that way."

Locken may have kept her cool in person, but in her confessional, it was clear she was livid over the conversation with her friend. "She knows there's no other couple on this planet that is more rock solid than we are," she fumed. "And for her to sit there and even say this — this accusatory, inflammatory comment — I'm pissed."

But Locken's response only made Simmons more sure of her assessment. "There's been a lot of rumors about his relationships with other women," she said. "And if you've been with somebody as long as she's been with him, you have to know!"

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