'RHOD' Star D'Andra Simmons Implicates LeeAnne Locken, Cary Deuber in 'Fat Shaming' Scheme

D'Andra Simmons is done with her relationship with LeeAnne Locken and ready to reveal her Real Housewives of Dallas co-star's secrets.

In the first part of the RHOD Season 3 reunion Wednesday, Simmons came ready to spill the tea, telling host Andy Cohen off the bat that she had been keeping a secret for Locken for two years regarding co-star Cary Deuber's storyline planning.

"For two years, you told me before I started the show, that Cary, you were going to fat shame me like you fat shamed your husband Mark the first season," she said, earning a confused response from Deuber, who denied fat shaming her husband, despite saying in Season 1 that her "fixer upper" husband had lost his "man boobs" after beginning to live a healthier lifestyle.

"I was in tears about that, and I said, 'What do I need to worried about?' And she said, 'Cary plans to fat shame you,'" Simmons continued.

Deuber responded right off the bat that she never told Locken that, adding, "I would never fat shame anybody."

But she wasn't mad at Locken for potentially saying that, turning her anger on Simmons. "F— you for thinking that," she retorted. "I have know you longer than anyone in this room. Nine years ago, you were at my wedding, and you're gonna sit there and say that?"

"That's what she told me," Simmons replied, to which Deuber interrupted, "But you're the dumb b— who believed her!"

Locken told Simmons of her part in the fat shaming scandal, "Your lies will never end."

This dynamic continued though the reunion, in which Deuber, Simmons and Locken couldn't help but sniping at one another throughout every conversation, regardless of who was initially involved.

And it appears that negative feelings persist, with Locken retweeting fans talking negatively about Simmons, and Deuber making a number of thinly-veiled comments about Simmons.

"Thankful for [LeeAnne Locken] and all her positive change," she tweeted. "She doesn’t owe y’all s—... except the restraint she’s shown this far."

She even slammed Simmons for bringing up the "secret" in general, writing, "Anybody else let down by this big secret? S—, I thought it was something good!"


The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion part two airs Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Photo credit: Bravo