'RHOBH': Camille Grammer Sides With Lisa Vanderpump During PuppyGate, Questions Dorit Kemsley's Motives

Camille Grammer may have had her own clashes with Lisa Vanderpump over alleged sneaky dealings, [...]

Camille Grammer may have had her own clashes with Lisa Vanderpump over alleged sneaky dealings, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum isn't totally team Dorit Kemsley amid PuppyGate.

After Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave accused Vanderpump of putting her up (via Vanderpump Dogs employees) to tell the other Housewives about the rescue dog Dorit and her husband adopted, which ended up in a kill shelter after she allegedly gave the dog to another person, instead of back to the rescue as she promised.

Vanderpump has denied telling anyone to get Mellencamp involved, and both parties have produced conflicting texts with Vanderpump Dogs employees telling different sides of the story.

While Lisa Rinna has insisted Mellencamp stay on Vanderpump, whom she maintains did a similar thing to her when it came to accusing Yolanda Hadid of having Munchausen syndrome, Grammer told Rinna she wasn't as ready to come for Vanderpump, currently mourning the suicide of her only brother, over the dog drama.

"Lisa has a habit of keeping her hands clean and having people to do her dirty work," Grammer told the cameras. "But then on the flip side, I do feel bad for Lisa Vanderpump—she's going through a very tough time."

To Rinna, Grammer continued, "In Lisa's defense, there's something about Dorit that just gets me. There's a little bit of phoniness, and I don't know where she's at."

Grammer added that reports Kemsley's husband owes more than $4 million to a casino that surfaced earlier this year had her doubtful of how truthful she was in general.

"I don't know if she has all the money she has, or is it a show? Fake accent — all of it. She makes the little hairs on the back of your neck just stand up, going what is real?"

She even doubted why Kemsley wanted to adopt a dog from Vanderpump's rescue.

"Did she really want a dog, or was she just trying to get closer to Vanderpump?" Grammer asked. "I don't know. I'm just throwing that out there."

Rinna was shocked at the condemnation after Grammer had been friendly to Kemsley on the group trip to the Bahamas.

"Camille is quite wishy-washy," she told the camera. "She and Dorit seemed to be getting along just fine in the Bahamas."

Erika Girardi was also finding herself questioning went down after spending the whole season on Team Teddi, after Kemsley told her about the text messages Vanderpump had shown her.

"I find out different facts than what I was told in my chapel," Girardi told the camera. "So what's really f—ing going on?"

While Girardi advised Kemsley not to trust anyone but herself, she seemed to come back around to Mellencamp's side after she admitted her part in what she said was a plot to make Kemsley look bad engineered by Vanderpump

Despite Mellencamp's claims that phone records and text messages would back her up, Vanderpump refused to acknowledge any part in the scheme, saying she felt "betrayed" by her friend for accusing her.

But after some contradictory statements about who did or didn't know things at what point, even Vanderpump's best friend Kyle Richards started to turn against her.

"This is no longer about Lucy and a lie," Kemsley told the cameras. "This is about my friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. She plotted against me behind my back to hurt me. A friend doesn't do that to someone."

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