Cynthia Bailey Confronts Kenya Moore Over Wedding Invite on 'RHOA'

Real or not, Cynthia Bailey is hurt she wasn't invited to good friend Kenya Moore's wedding this summer.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member eloped with her restaurateur husband Marc Daly in St. Lucia in June, but didn't invite any of her Bravo friends as well as many members of her family.

Since then, her fellow Housewives have mocked her for having a "fake" husband, even throwing her a tongue-in-cheek wedding while on a trip to San Francisco last week.

But while the wedding is a source of gossip for many of the Housewives, it's a sore spot for Bailey, who considers Moore one of her best friends.

"Honestly, I do feel like I should have met Marc," Bailey tells her friend in Sunday's episode.

"And you will," Moore responds. "It's not like I'm keeping him a secret, that's really ridiculous."

"I think everyone understands that you're kind of private about your relationship right now, but you guys are supposed to be like best friends," Kandi Burruss says, stepping in.

Moore says part of the reason none of the Housewives have met her husband is in part because he is spending a lot of time in New York City.

"I was in New York yesterday," Bailey tells the camera. "I could have gotten dinner with him."

Moore adds that her restraining order against ex boyfriend Matt Jordan is also affecting where she can go, but promises Bailey that she will "get her receipts" to defend the marriage to the other Housewives soon enough.

"Well apparently I need [the receipts]," Bailey says, looking away.

This likely won't be the end of Bailey's hurt feelings.

The 50-year-old stormed out of dinner on the Housewives' trip to San Francisco on last week's episode when her castmates brought up her lack of an invite to the ceremony.

"I knew that Kenya had met someone, and I knew that she really liked him. I felt like things maybe were moving kind of fast," Cynthia told Bravo soon after. "But I didn't know they were moving that fast. And I did not see the marriage coming that quickly, nor did I not see myself not being invited to the wedding."

Cynthia added she just wanted to be able to celebrate the life-changing moment with her friend.

"For me, I was super happy for Kenya. We are close. She's one of my best friends for sure. I love Kenya. I've been rooting for her. Lord knows I went through all the bad stuff," she said. "So as happy as I was for Kenya and Marc getting married, I was a little bit, um, a lot in my feelings that I wasn't there to be a part of it because I would have loved to have been there to be one of her bridesmaids or just fix her dress or something. I wanted to be a part of it."


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Photo credit: Twitter/@cynthiabailey10