Lisa Vanderpump Says 'RHOBH' Season 8 Tested Friendship With Kyle Richards

Lisa Vanderpump warns that the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows some dark moments in her friendship with Kyle Richards.

"You know, we have a great relationship, but like any relationship, it has its problems," the reality personality told Entertainment Tonight of her bond with Richards. "Like any marriage, or you know, partnership in life or business, you have your struggles, but then you come through it. I think what we have supersedes, you know, the negativity."

But despite her optimistic attitude, a new trailer for Housewives teases drama ahead for the pair.

The season 8 trailer ends with the PUMP restauranteur driving away in tears, telling Richards and Dorit Kemsley, "I'm going home to my husband who would rather spend time with me tonight than you would."

"Normally I have my cool, and I kind of lost it that day," the reality cast member admits. "I think on Beverly Hills, you see this wonderful, glittering existence, and you also see the struggle that the women go through."

Even with the impending drama that'll be shown in the new season, Vanderpump said it isn't her worst, compared to seasons four and six of the show.

"It's normally the even numbers that aren't good to me!" she said. "Eight was actually OK, so I've broken the mold."

All in all, it sounds like the friendship drama didn't spoil Vanderpump's relationship with Richards, and Richards agrees.

"I love Lisa," she said. "I mean, Lisa and I, obviously, we're very close. We're the closest of the bunch and I could never do the show without her. You know, we keep it fun."

Though Vanderpump joked that as soon as Richards leaves the show, she'll be "front and center with a diamond," she said the pair are the "backbone" of the reality series.

"We're the two existing [original cast members] and our friendship was always so strong, and it was so authentic," she said. "Even now, I call her up and I'm laughing and she's like, 'What are you laughing about?' and then we get to talking about something else."


Season 8 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday, December 19, at 9 ET/PT on Bravo.

Photo credit: David Krieger / Bauer-Griffin / Contributor