'Pioneer Woman' Star Weighs in on Chip and Joanna Gaines' Decision to End 'Fixer Upper'

Chip and Joanna Gaines have a sympathetic friend in Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond when it comes to their decision to end their hit show Fixer Upper after this upcoming season.

Drummond, who is mother to four children, said it's hard to balance running the show and raising a family without feeling like you're not giving 100 percent to either.

"I completely respect their decision to do that. I think it was really smart," Drummond told PEOPLE. "Your kids are only young once. It's really true that you feel like when you're in the trenches with young kids that it'll last forever and as I learned when my child went to college, it doesn't. So I totally get it."

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The Gaines, who have four children under 13, cited spending time with their family as a major part of the decision to end the show.

"We have this young, growing family and I just think that was one of the biggest reasons why we wanted to end the show," Joanna said during a Today appearance on Tuesday.

Drummond said having a TV show and a family is a bit easier for her because most of the show is filmed at her ranch.


"Fortunately, with my show, we shoot on the ranch so I've been able to construct the schedule so I can still be home with my kids and do the things around the home that my kids and I love to do," she said. "But I get it. I think it was smart of (Chip and Joanna). They'll have plenty of things they'll be able to do anytime they want."