Paris Jackson Calls out Bethenny Frankel for Her Post About Alleged Suicide Attempt

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel tweeted about Paris Jackson's reported suicide attempt, but later deleted her messages after Jackson called her out and denied the reports.

"I am so upset about [Paris Jackson], who allegedly attempted suicide," Frankel wrote. "We are the product of our parents' unresolved issues. She is a very loving person who helps those in need without looking for praise. My [heart] is with her. I want to take away her sadness as if she was my daughter."

Jackson retweeted Frankel's tweet, adding "lies lies lies [oh my God] and more lies."

Frankel's followers also told her Jackson denied the reports.

"This makes no sense. Is it not true? Who would make up something like that?" Frankel tweeted.

(Photo: Twitter/Paris Jackson)

In another message, Frankel added, "Well, something is amiss. I will not explain how I know her because that would betray confidence but something is off here. That I can assure you."

Frankel later deleted all three tweets about Jackson.

On Saturday, both TMZ and The Blast reported that Jackson was hospitalized in Los Angeles after a suicide attempt. Police sources told TMZ that paramedics rushed to the 20-year-old's home at 7:30 a.m. after Jackson slit her wrists. The reports say Jackson, the only daughter of the late Michael Jackson, was rushed to a hospital and is in stable condition. Sources told The Blast she "lost a lot of blood," but the fast response by EMTs saved her.

While TMZ's sources said the fallout from the controversial HBO documentary Leaving Neverland had something to do with her attempt, The Blast reported it was "unclear" if it was the "main motivation."

Jackson later denied the reports in a series of tweets. She directly wrote to TMZ, "f– you you f–ing liars." She also shared a selfie on her Instagram Story. "F– you I'm chillen [sic] like Bob Dylan," she wrote in the caption.

(Photo: Twitter/Paris Jackson)

HBO aired Leaving Neverland in February. The four-hour documentary included interviews with Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who claim they were molested by Michael Jackson as children. Since its release, tabloids reported Jackson was in a "downward spiral," but Jackson denied those rumors.

Jackson also said it was "not my role" to defend her father after Leaving Neverland aired. She praised her cousin, Taj Jackson, for defending her father.

"there's nothing i can say that hasn't already been said in regards to defense," she wrote. "taj is doing a perfect job on his own. and i support him. but that's not my role. i'm just tryna get everyone to chill out and go with the flow, be mellow and think about the bigger picture. that's me."


If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).