Nick Lachey Talks 'Love Is Blind's 'Wild' Season Finale (Exclusive)

Love Is Blind host Nick Lachey is warning fans to buckle up for a "wild" ride. Before the Netflix reality dating series' Season 2 finale dropped Friday, Lachey opened up to about the season so far and the pressure cooker of emotion the couples are in heading up to their big "I do" decision

While Lachey couldn't spoil too much, he teased that fans will definitely enjoy what's about to go down. "There is definitely some great TV happening and I'm excited for everyone to see the finale because it is wild. Let me just say that it's wild, and if you like Season 1's finale, you're definitely going to like Season 2's. That's for sure," he said, hinting, "It's the finale for a reason."

The stakes are high for Shayne and Natalie; Nick and Danielle; Shake and Deepti; Mallory and Salvador; and Jarrette and Iyanna going into their wedding day. "There's so much tension and emotion and anxiety, and it's just so much going on in everyone's head and in their heart," Lachey said. "And I mean, are you willing to commit the rest of your life to someone that you just met a few weeks back and fell in love with sight unseen? I mean, do you trust in that? Do you believe in that, or will all this noise of the real world tear that apart? That's a lot of pressure for all of them, and it plays itself out big time."

Regardless of how their Love Is Blind journey ends, Lachey praised the experiment as one of the "very unique opportunities to get to know someone for who they truly are." He continued, "I think whether or not people come out of this having found that partner or not, I think they're all appreciative of the experience and the journey that they went on. I think it's a powerful kind of moment for them, no matter how it ends. And thankfully, it has ended in true love and lasting relationships for some of them, which is great."

Lachey's own love story with his wife and co-host Vanessa Lachey might not have started in the Love Is Blind pods, but it's brought them plenty of joy and early mornings with son Camden, 9, daughter Brooklyn, 7, and son Pheonix, 5. Late-night Netflix binge-watches mean extra early mornings for the parents of three, so Lachey was happy to team up with Eggo to give away one million free waffles the day after Daylight Savings. 


"As a parent of three young kids, I live this every day of the year," Lachey told PopCulture. "The morning madness is real – trying to get kids up and out the door, and most importantly fed, but on the day after Daylight Savings Time, it's even tougher, as all parents know, because you lose that hour." He continued, "I think it's one of the few things that kids and parents can agree on at 6:30 in the morning ... what tastes good, and that's Eggo waffles." For your chance at free waffles, follow Eggo on Instagram and Facebook and look for Eggo's waffle drop announcement on Monday, March 14.