'Love Is Blind' Favorite Calls out Co-Star for Lying

Love Is Blind fans were stunned to witness Shaina going after the affection of Shayna after he'd already committed and proposed to Natalie in the pods. The Netflix experimental reality dating series is in its second season and poses the question, "Is love really blind?" by having the cast date one another through pod walls without ever seeing them. From the start, Shaina and Shayna hit it off, but after Shaina failed to make her feelings known for him, he decided to propose to Natalie. Luckily, Shayne didn't regret his choice and fell madly in love with Natalie. But Shaina instantly regretted hers. She decided to pour her heart out to Shayne, even after she too accepted Kyle's proposal.

Unbeknownst to Kyle and Natalie, Shaina arranged a meeting with Shayne in the pods to let him know her true feelings. Shayne was flattered but told Shaina that it was too late. She later ended her engagement to Kyle over religious differences, at least that's what she told him. But she told producers several times that it was due to being in love with Shayne.

Later at a meetup on a bonfire with the rest of the cast, Shaina and Shayne saw each other for the first time. She saw it as another opportunity for her to tell him her true feelings. It was awkward to say the least, with Shayne visibly uncomfortable. She told Shayne she felt he and Natalie's relationship was "fradulent" and that they didn't have a real connection. Shayne related the information to Natalie.

In the same scene, Natalie told producers that she received a call from Shaina while on vacation with the other couples in Mexico and she was thrown off when Shaina mentioned that if things didn't work out with Shayne, she had a friend she could introduce Natalie to.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Natalie elaborated on the conversation, adding she felt thrown off by the whole ordeal. "She called me after Mexico just to check in and she asked how Shayne and I were doing. It was girl talk," Natalie said of the chat with Shaina. "She told me about the things that were happening with Kyle [Abrams] as well. She just said, 'If Shayne and you don't work out, I have a friend who's interested. He's a millionaire and I showed him your Instagram profile, so if you're interested, he's available'...I kind of brushed it off because I didn't know the connection she had with Shayne. Looking back, now I see where it was an inappropriate comment on her end."

Natalie also admits she confronted Shaina about her comments about her and Shayne's relationship. "I actually called Shaina the day after and asked, 'Did you say these things?' And she was dishonest in that phone call, and she denied saying most of the things she actually did say," Natalie said.

Shaina says she regrets ever saying negative things about Natalie and Shayne's relationship. "It was not fair of me to drag what was going on with me internally and putting it onto them," she told ET. "It's a huge regret. I should have never said that. I've apologized, and I wish them nothing but the best."