'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'Avanzo Blasts Farrah Abraham: 'You're Not Worth It'

Mob Wives personality Drita D'Avanzo caught wind of what former Teen Mom personality Farrah Abraham said about her, and on Friday she made it clear she wants payback.

On Thursday Abraham and D'Avanzo hosted a joint event at an Atlantic City gentleman's club. During the event Abraham took to Instagram Live with a scathing video directed at D'Avanzo, criticizing her behavior.

"You have someone show up and like talk to the owner about how you couldn't send her her freaking money...at my dinner table because she didn't want to eat together, but then she cant even do the photos for the club, she cant meet anymore, she cant talk to anyone, then she just disappears," Abraham said.

"I don't even know why they even shared my night with someone who is a has-been," she continued. "I'm like give me a break, it's either you're nice, you're amazing, you have good work ethic, or stay the f— out of my way!"

D'Avanzo responded the to message on Friday via Instagram.

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"Look there's a lot of drama going on today with Farrah (Abraham)," she began. "If you don't know who Farrah is, Farrah was on Teen Mom, and then she became a hooker or some s—. Listen, I don't care. It's irrelevant. I don't care. ... As long as your not my kid, it doesn't bother me."

"However what does bother me is when I'm hanging out with you and you're nice and you're cool and then I wake up in the morning to hear you're ripping me to shreds on your IG," she continued. "I don't know who you've dealt with in the past but you've got the wrong motherf—er. I no longer assault anybody. Because last time somebody tried to test me, they end up putting me in jail.

By assault, D'Avanzo was referring to an incident in 2016 where she was charged with assaulting a neighbor, though she was later cleared of the accusations.

"You're not worth it," she added. "However, I might have to make an exception. But I will tell you one thing. I'm not going to closed-fist punch your face in, I'm going to open-hand smack the f— out of you. Straight up, on sight, just so you know."

Abraham wasted no time responding to D'Avanzo on her Twitter account.


"F—ing low class trash dusted up nobody show up and work you have no work ethic and act like a criminal say what you want about me so you feel better about how pathetic you are!" Abraham wrote. "Use me for press haha your a loser go get a real job my lawyer will be contacting you Psycho."

She followed up with another tweet, calling D'Avanzo a "clown." and posting a video from the dinner with a clown emoji face over D'Avanzo's face.