Mina Starsiak of HGTV’s ‘Good Bones’ Is Expecting Her First Child

In an announcement shared to social media on Thursday, Mina Starsiak of HGTV's Good Bones is pregnant with her first child.

Starsiak, who stars on the home renovation show that sees the mother-daughter duo revitalizing Indianapolis, one property at a time with mother Karen E. Laine, took to Instagram to share the exciting news with a very cool movie-themed poster.

"[Stephen] and I are [super] excited to finally announce…. Baby Hawk coming 2018!!!! We're thrilled for this first baby journey and that we're going to be able to share it all with YOU!" the home designer captioned the announcement. "Special episode of our forever home build for baby is in the works!!!! Stay tuned!!!"

(Photo: Instagram / @mina_starsiak_hawk)

This will be the first child for the 33-year-old real estate agent and her husband Stephen Hawk, who tied the knot in June 2016. The couple is also "parents" to three dogs, Sophie, Beatrice and Frank.

In a statement from HGTV, the network is over the moon thrilled with the announcement, sharing that they can't wait to welcome Baby Hawk to the HGTV family.

"We wish them the best of everything. And, we've already got a tiny silver hammer waiting for out newest little renovator!" the statement read.

In video shared by HGTV, Starsiak also filmed surprising her mother, Karen with the baby news and went the extra mile off-screen with some extra thoughtful gifts — a gift box with baby booties for Stephen, and a custom woodworking of the Two Chicks & a Hammer (the mother-daughter business) logo for Karen.

"I wanted to do something a little creative, and people always say, 'When's the baby chick coming?'" Starsiak told HGTV. "I had a local woodworker make the Two Chicks logo, and there's a puzzle piece where the baby chick will go next to it."

Well into her pregnancy, Starsiak told the network that the baby has "forced her to slow down," which is proving tough for the self-proclaimed workaholic. But it certainly hasn't cut down on her excitement to be a new mom.

"I'm not the girl that grew up talking about her wedding and babies since she was a little girl," Starsiak said. "I definitely took my time, and I'm just so excited that that road has put me where I am: loving my career, having a smokin' hot husband, who is just the greatest, and choosing to start our family at a time where Steve and I can really be our best and do our best for the first of hopefully a couple little ones."

The parental instinct isn't exactly new for Starsiak and her husband, as it was reported in 2017 that the couple took in her sister's 2-year-old daughter, Julie "Juju Bean" for about a year, with the experience confirming the couple was ready for parenthood.

(Photo: Instagram / @mina_starsiak_hawk)

"Julie was definitely not planned but was the most incredible thing I think either Steve or I have been part of," Starsiak said. "Having another human depend on you really changes you in a way you can't really put into words. Seeing the amount of love Steve developed for Bean in such a short amount of time, someone who was previously a stranger to him, solidifies how awesome of a dad he'll be."

With the show being so family-oriented and featuring not just her mother, Karen, but half-brother Tad, she knows with a child of her own coming into the Good Bones world that she is truly blessed.


"We couldn't be luckier to have so much family, and of course friends, around to support us," Starsiak said. "It definitely takes a village."

Photo credit: Two Chicks & a Hammer