Matt Roloff Gets Flak After Channeling His 'Bad Boy'

Matt Roloff's inner "bad boy" is getting him in trouble.

The Little People, Big World cast member showed off his "dark side" in a photo he posted to his Facebook account Sunday, sporting fake tattoo sleeves, a black tee, sunglasses and smoking a cigar.

"Occasionally... I put my bad boy on!" he captioned the pic.

But some fans weren't a fan of the look or the smoking.

"You smoke?? No, not around the babies..." one woman commented.

"Lose the cig and I love it," another echoed.

"Don’t smoke around your [grandbabies], it’s bad for them," another said. "In the car or in the house, don’t smoke around them."

Others called out the TLC star for putting on a tough guy act while his children's book "Little Lucy, Big Race" is in the background of the shot.

" really are a tough guy, especially with Lucy's book sitting on the counter behind you lol," one fan wrote.

"With your cute little book in the background!!!! Lol," another added.

Most of the ribbing about Roloff's new look appeared to be in good fun, but the 56-year-old has definitely gone through dark days.

In his 1999 biography, Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath World, Roloff revealed he had a cocaine addiction in the past.

“I never thought I’d be someone who used drugs, but it happened,” he wrote. “I thought I could just try it and get out of it, but I was wrong. It caught me like a bear trap. I almost didn’t escape.”

He added that his drug habit put him in “deep debt,” and that he was afraid what his addiction would do to his body.

“I can remember many times when I used drugs how my heart would just pound inside my chest, seemingly trying to break its way through my rib cage,” the now-56-year-old wrote. “I don’t know if the drugs were harder on my body than they would be on an average-sized person’s, but I know that I was taking a huge risk by using them.”

The TLC patriach was able to conquer his issues by turning to religion, cutting out the negative influences and attending meetings for recovery, he said, quitting his job and starting over.

Since his memoir, however, Roloff has had other run-ins with the law. In 2003, he was arrested for driving under the influence after his car swerved into a ditch. Despite an official convicted charge of drunk driving, his charges were dismissed the next year upon completion of an alcohol diversion program.


In 2007, he was pulled over by police once again when an officer spotted him driving erratically after leaving a bar. He pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence, which was dismissed due to a combination of jury misconduct and failure to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the reality TV cast member had in fact been under the influence that night.

Photo credit: Instagram / @mattroloff