The Masked Singer' Unmasked Seahorse, and It's a Major Pop Star

The Masked Singer is not unmasking one celebrity or even two on Wednesday night's episode. Instead, the show will unmask a total of three stars during the two-hour episode. The first masked singer that got the boot during the night was Seahorse, and they were revealed to have been Grammy-winner Tori Kelly.

The Masked Singer's competition is really winding down. Going into Wednesday's episode, there were only six contestants remaining — Sun, Popcorn, Crocodile, Seahorse, Mushroom, and Jellyfish. However, only three of those individuals, Sun, Mushroom, and Crocodile, remain in the competition by the end of the night. Unfortunately, for the Seahorse, they were the first one to be eliminated during the episode. In previous weeks during the competition, the show has seen a bevy of famous, masked contestants taking their turn on the stage. Throughout the season, celebrities such as Wendy Williams (Lips), Brian Austin Green (Giraffe), and Mickey Rourke (Gremlin) have all revealed their identities to the Masked Singer viewing audience.

In Rourke's case, he actually took matters into his own hands when it came to his reveal. Instead of waiting until the end of the show to see who was eliminated, the Wrestler actor removed his own mask and, subsequently, eliminated himself from the competition. Following his unprecedented reveal, The Masked Singer's costume designer, Marina Toybina, revealed some behind-the-scenes details about Rourke's time on the Fox competition series. In an interview with, Toybina shared that they were still making last-minute adjustments to his costume before he took to the stage. She also said that everyone was quite surprised at how his reveal turned out.

"We got him into the costume, but I was still having to make adjustments before he went on stage so he could feel more comfortable," she said. "Wearing the mask is such a foreign feeling for so many of the contestants, especially before the pandemic really took hold. These aren’t your typical costumes. There’s always a chance something might happen." She added, "I didn’t expect him to take it off so soon but it did make for a great, and unexpected, reveal. ‘I was just happy that we got him in the costume and that he enjoyed the costume. But at the end of the day, anything can happen in our show. The fact that the moment was so real was the best that we could ask for."