'Married at First Sight': Kate Sisk Tells Husband Luke Cuccurullo She's Considering Divorce

As Married at First Sight's Decision Day grows closer, Kate Sisk is beginning to seriously consider divorcing husband Luke Cuccurullo.

Tuesday's all new episode of the Lifetime series picked up with the Married at First Sight couples just over two weeks out from their big relationship decision. For Kate and Luke, that decision appeared to be making itself clearer and clearer when on the morning of their one-month marriage anniversary, Luke left to hang out with his friends for the entire day.

"What am I supposed to think? That he's really trying?" Kate asks her friend. "Because his actions are not showing that he is. Like, when we have free time for just us, I feel like he chooses to leave almost every time."

Breaking down in tears, Kate admits that she didn't even know what they were still doing in their marriage after the difficult journey they've been on, during which Luke admitted he wasn't physically attracted to his wife.

"I know that divorce is an option, and my gut is kind of telling me that's what I should do," she continues. "I just went into this so hopeful, and it's just not working. And it sucks, because it's that he isn't into me. I feel like my heart is just broken."

Calling up expert Dr. Jessica Griffin, Kate admits that she had "no idea or thought as to how this could ever get better."

"I never thought that I would be the one to bring up divorce, but I feel like the challenge and the hurt and the miscommunications of the first five weeks are really taking a toll," she continues. "It's really hard to be around him, because it feels kind of forced, and I wish it felt more real. That's why it hurts, because I really wanted it to work out."

Being told by Dr. Jessica that she would have the full support of the team of experts with whatever decision she made about their marriage, Kate decides to confront Luke with the realities of her discontent with their relationship.

"I don't want to get a divorce," a shocked Luke responds, adding that he cares about her and is "concerned" about the "hyperbole" of the way she is talking to him and that he's trying to "make the best of the situation" with their marriage.

"That's what you're doing?" Kate responds, to which Luke tells her, "I don't know what else to do."

"I'm shocked right now," Luke tells the cameras. "I knew things between us weren't great, but I didn't know they were that bad."

Kate, meanwhile, was feeling a lot less positive about the trajectory of their marriage.

"I feel like any feelings I maybe have developed towards him, thoughts I had about him being what I wanted in a husband, were due to manipulation and not reality," she tells the cameras. "It's like a dangerous game that is happening."

Will the couple be able to make a 180-degree turn? Or is it time for them to go their separate ways?


Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime