'Married at First Sight' Husband Bobby Admits True Feelings for Wife Danielle in Exclusive Clip

Married at First Sight husband Bobby Dodd is finally admitting his feelings for wife Danielle Bergman.

After the two took the radical step to tie the knot right after meeting one another for the first time, the 27-year-old project manager has had nothing but positive things to say about his bride. But in an exclusive clip from Tuesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime series (produced by Kinetic Content), Dodd has a major bomb to drop about his feelings to his fellow Married at First Sight husbands.

Being playfully needled by Tristan Thompson and Dave Flaherty about his unwillingness to talk about any problems in his marriage, Dodd looks sheepish as Flaherty jokes, "Come on Bobby, give us one little issue."

He replied, "I wish I had one. It's still going really well and we're enjoying the crap out of one another."

When Thompson asks if Dodd and his bride are "tossing out that 'L' word," Dodd says the two have yet to take the major step in the marriage of saying, "I love you."

"But are you in love?" Thompson presses, to which Dodd responds, "Yeah I am. For sure, for sure. No doubt."

After a brief celebration at the first admission of love on this season of MAFS, Thompson asks if maybe Bergman is waiting for her husband to "take the first step" in admitting these feelings.

"Maybe," Dodd ponders. "Maybe not."

To the cameras, Dodd was a bit more candid about his fears of being vulnerable with his wife. "I am in love with Danielle. Thought a lot about it. I mean, I love everything about her and I just haven't had the right moment to tell her, and her response will be her response," he says nervously. "If she doesn't love me too, I mean that would be pretty devastating."

The couple has been definitely the most solid of the season so far, with relationship expert Dr. Jessica Griffin even telling PopCulture.com ahead of the premiere that the two were the "easiest match" she had ever helped make during the show's run.

"Although all of the couples were well-matched, Bobby and Danielle felt like the easiest match we've ever made. Other than the age difference between them, everything else just fell into place. There were no other options but each other," she said.

She did have a concern about the couple's different communication styles, which appears to play right into Dodd's uncertainty in this week's episode.

"I had some reservations about Danielle not being as emotionally expressive and how that might impact Bobby as he may not know where she stands," Griffin added. "However, we addressed this very early on and her insight about this and ability to work on herself was refreshing. She's terrific."

Will Bergman be able to reveal her true feelings to her husband? Or will Dodd be left in lovers' limbo?


Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime