'Mama June' Shannon Spotted Buying Cart Full of Food Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

"Mama June" Shannon was spotted out at a grocery store amid the coronavirus pandemic, loading up on a bunch of goodies for a potential quarantine. The reality star was photographed with an arm full of sweets like Twinkies, Zebra Cakes and Honey Buns. Her cart was already full of items like pasta sauce, a crockpot and water.

The 40-year-old was shopping at a Publix in Port St Lucie, Florida on Wednesday. Like most states, Florida is under a "Stay At Home" order due to the ongoing pandemic. While gathering essential items, she was also wearing a homemade face mask in efforts to not spread germs or contract the virus. Shannon has been living with her boyfriend Geno Doak in the sunshine state since last month. The two made it official that they were living in a new state via social media, which was just over a year since Shannon and Doak were arrested in Alabama at a gas station for alleged crack cocaine possession.

Fans have been following Shannon's family through Mama June: From Not to Hot: Family Crisis as they continue to have a torn relationship with her. Shannon's daughters Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon and Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson revealed that they can no longer get ahold of their mom. "She doesn't even answer our phone calls. It goes to voicemail," Lauryn explained in a clip shared by PEOPLE before adding, "Geno's phone goes to voicemail." Lauryn has been taking care of her younger sister since their mom left them.

Their family issues stemmed from Shannon's relationship with Doak. On top of their felony possession charges, Doak was also charged with domestic violence/harassment. Although Shannon's family has pleaded with her to leave Doak and have staged multiple interventions, the reality TV star has remained by her boyfriend's side. However, she did make a desperate plea to her family in January, but sources came forward to tell TMZ that her daughters didn't believe she was being genuine. They believe she was just trying to create positive publicity so she could post paid Instagram advertisements.


After Shannon was criticized for being out at a casino amid the outbreak, she took to social media to update her fans on where and what she was doing while everyone is being advised to stay inside their homes. "I hope everyone is staying safe out there this is a scary time," she wrote on Instagram. "News keeps posting old pics of us and you can't believe everything you read. We're staying safe inside and we hope you are too."