'Mama June' Shannon's Rival Jennifer Thompson Says She 'Truly Cares' for Her Amid Crack Cocaine Case

Jennifer Lamb Thompson is rooting for Mama June Shannon's recovery amid her crack cocaine case.

Though Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson's new wife is portrayed at time as the nemesis on Mama June: From Not to Hot, Jennifer took to Instagram ahead of the Season 3 finale last week to send a positive message the star's way.

The reality television personality shared a photo of herself with Shannon and show producer Gina Rodriguez. In the snap, Mama June can be seen sticking her tongue out toward Gina, who is standing between her and Jennifer.

(Photo: Instagram/Jennifer Thompson)

"This photo shows June's fun personality," Jennifer wrote in the caption of the playful snapshot. "When we took this photo it was earlier in the season and everything was good or at least we thought. June and I may have had our differences in the past but I truly care about this woman and her family."

"This has been a difficult time and I ask that you keep Miss June in your prayers," she added before reminding fans about the finale and encouraging fans to be kind in the comments.

Fans of the show were happy to see Jennifer supporting Shannon during her difficult time, following her arrest and ongoing drug problems.

"Glad to see such a nice, fun photo of you 3 together & your kind words regarding June - hoped you two were friends off screen - oh and Jennifer you looked absolutely fabulous last week with your shorter curly hair, really cute !" One fan commented.

"Jennifer you are kind hearted person. Set your difference asides and you didn't judge her for what she is going through. Prayers for Mama June," another fan wrote.

"I am so nervous for this finale. This was heartbreaking to watch. The silver lining being how amazing you look and how hard you worked," a third fan commented.

The latest season of Mama June: From Not to Hot saw Jennifer and Shannon get into different competitions, including a weight loss showdown before Shannon made a turn for the worse along with boyfriend Geno Doak.


Shannon and Doak were arrested for drug-related charges two days before the season premier back in March. Things took a turn for the worse when Shannon reportedly chose to stay with Geno, leaving Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson without a guardian and forced to move in with her sister.

The season finale saw Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon being granted temporary custody of her sister, despite Sugar Bar and Jennifer attempting to intervene and take care of the 13-year-old.