'Mama June' Shannon Embraces Her 70-Pound Weight Gain Amid Quarantine

"Mama June" Shannon revealed her 70-pound weight gain recently but admitted she expected to gain something during lockdowns. Amid the ongoing pandemic, the reality star has managed to put on a few more pounds than expected but has zero shame in her game. "I was prepared to gain weight, but not as much as I gained," she told InTouch Weekly.

The 41-year-old got her own spinoff show, Mama June: From Not to Hot, after she had weight loss surgery. Since then, she's tried to keep the weight off by making better food choices and working out more. However, the pandemic hasn't helped in that process. She also says getting sober hasn't helped with the weight gain either. "I mean, I feel I gained 70 pounds after I got out of rehab, but I also blame not doing drugs and coronavirus on it, too. I call it corona fat."

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"With this quarantine, it is kind of hard, but I'm just trying to maintain where I'm at now. It is kind of work. I mean, I'll never be back down to like 140 [pounds] and that's OK with me. Probably my goal now is to be like 200." Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak went to a rehab facility in Florida for addiction issues but said they are motivated following their release.

Shannon wasn't the only one that went under the knife. Doak did as well following his rehab stay undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, while also removing a lipoma on his neck and head. He also got a set of veneers by the same dentist that did hers as well. "We wanted to do something for ourselves," Shannon told the outlet, saying they just wanted a post-rehab "touch up," saying the experience was "a wake-up call."


She went on to say that both are content with their results but did reveal that no matter what size she is, he's going to love her regardless. "But it's just been a process," she said. "He loves me, regardless. I [could] be 500 pounds and he's still gonna love me. He doesn't care as long as it makes me happy, and I'm the same way with him."

The couple got off to a rough start as their relationship divided Shannon's family. From their drug charges to time in rehab, Shannon's family felt as if Doak might not be a good influence on the mom-of-four. However, the two have reconciled with her family and seem to be doing better these days.