Mama June Allegedly Living out of Alabama Hotel Rooms in Wake of Crack Cocaine Arrest

Following her arrest last month for crack cocaine possession, Mama June Shannon and boyfriend Geno Doak have reportedly been living out of Alabama hotel rooms as they await next steps in their case.

The Mama June: From Not to Hot stars were both arrested at an Alabama gas station after a domestic incident, where police discovered crack cocaine as well as drug paraphernalia in their car. The Blast reports that because they don't live in Alabama, they've been bouncing between hotel rooms.

Doak was charged with domestic violence and was ordered by a judge to stay away from Mama June until further notice. He has ignored the order, as the two have been photographed together since being released from jail.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, prosecutors went back to court accusing Doak of violating the order, citing surveillance video of the two at a casino after being released from jail. Doak's lawyer reportedly attempted to argue for the order to be dropped, but the judge refused to rule on the matter. Instead, the judge took issue with Doak's lawyer representing both Mama June and Doak.

The judge noted that the lawyer failed to mention he was representing both of them, despite Mama June being considered the victim of domestic violence according to the arrest. The judge ordered that the stay-away order remain in effect.

June, who is legally blind, filed an appeal to the protective order saying he assisted her with her disability. She also claimed in the documents that she and Doak are in love and that he is "very loving toward her kids."

The two have reportedly remained together, even despite Mama June's family's misgivings about him after it was reported that Doak was texting other women. Multiple women provided screenshots to The Blast of conversations with Doak, who reportedly sent a photo of his penis to a woman, went into detail about a desired sexual encounter, and told one woman he was with Mama June while they were talking.

Another woman, Tina Harry, told the publication that Doak messaged her on Instagram the day after he and Mama June were released from jail in March. The two were strangers, but Harry said they started talking in direct messages and via FaceTime, and that soon he allegedly began to message her every 10 minutes, asking her to visit him in Alabama on a trip he would pay for. He also allegedly told her he did not love Mama June and did not want to be with her.


Harry said Doak sent her photos of his penis and even FaceTimed her once while June was sleeping.

Doak has not responded to the alleged leaked texts.