Mackenzie Standifer Reveals How 'Teen Mom' Filming Affects Life With Ryan Edwards

Teen Mom cast member Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have been through a lot together, from planning a wedding to dealing with substance abuse problems, all of which has been broadcast to millions of MTV viewers.

In a Q&A Standifer published on her website Saturday, the 21-year-old opened up about how she met her now-husband and what it's like to have your relationship play out on TV.

The former nursing student revealed that she met castmate Maci Bookout's ex at a gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

"I was leaving to go to work and he was walking in," she wrote. "Ryan asked me if I would like to go to dinner and since I had a few minutes... I said OK...he was super cute and ridiculously charming.. couldn't resist! Little did I know that I was going on a date with my future husband."

She said she didn't recognize Edwards from Teen Mom, adding that she doesn't even watch the show now that she's a series regular.

"I didn't watch MTV then. Nor do I care to now," she said.

Raising a family with two little boys is hard enough, but Standifer says the addition of MTV cameras isn't helpful.

"In short, [filming is] stressful," she wrote. "I'm a very mild person but I am passionate about things I believe in! I try to be very transparent and open but that usually gets translated into me looking ridiculously cold and angry. Don't cross my family and don't cross me. haha!!"

She continued that she relies on "a whole lotta coffee, a whole lotta lovin', a whole lotta Jesus and a whole lotta family" to get through the day.

"I can't stress enough that each day is a new day and a new journey," she continued. "We are turning our struggles into our story."

In the season premiere of Teen Mom OG, Standifer visited Edwards in a Dallas, Texas rehab center.

On Monday's premiere episode, Standifer visited Edwards in a Dallas, Texas rehab center, admitting to an MTV producer that he was spending as much as $10,000 a week on drugs before getting help.

"He said that he was using three times a day," Standifer told producer Kiki of her husband's drug use. "Ten thousand dollars a week!"

"That's a s— ton of money," Kiki replied.

"They say relapse is part of the recover and that just scares the s— out of me," Standifer said. "I had to tell him that I love him but that I'm not mad. He just need to know how bad that hurts."

Edwards appears to have gotten his life back together since filming, which Standifer revealed could mean another baby on the way.


When asked if she and Edwards are looking to have any more children, she replied, "Yassssss, hunny. We both want ONE more. God's plan is good enough for us. We will have one in His timing!"

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.