Luann de Lesseps Fires Back at Dorinda Medley's Claim About Her Rehab Stay

Luann de Lesseps did not make it to the Real Housewives of New York City reunion show this season due to her return to rehab, but she was given the chance to address her co-stars criticisms of her in a new interview.

The reality TV personality made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and responded to some of the bad things her fellow Housewives said during the reunion, including Dorinda Medley's claim that she only went to rehab to avoid going to jail for her December arrest.

"Luann didn't go to rehab because she had some huge revelation — she went to rehab because she needed to stay out of jail and it was practically court-ordered," Medley said during the reunion, PEOPLE writes.

De Lesseps denied the claim during her appearance on the show, telling host Cohen, "I was not court-ordered to go to rehab."

"I went on my own recognizance, first of all, so Dorinda doesn't know anything about me," she added. "I went because I felt that I needed to go and take care of myself and I take it very seriously. It's 51 days today, by the way."

Also during the drama-filled reunion, the cast members were asked if they knew about de Lesseps' relapses. Ramona Singer alleged at the time she remembered a moment when she saw de Lesseps at the Beacon Theatre looking "very out of it."

"Ramona, look at me, with those eyes: I was never at the Beacon this summer so that is a total lie," de Lesseps said on the show. "And at Chris Birch's party, I was not kicked out, Ramona. So you've got to stop making stuff up to make yourself look better, Ramona. It's not going to happen."

During the show, Cohen also played a clip of the cast having a discussion on where de Lesseps' problems came from.

"She really wants to be loved," Bethenny Frankel said at the time. "She's really kind of like a big baby. I feel for her."

At that, de Lesseps did not clap back at her co-star, but rather agreed.

"I am a big baby," she told Cohen. "Well, I'm really a child. And I never want to lose that, I really never want to lose that. I hold onto that and I enjoy my life like a child and I love that Bethenny totally had me pegged."


And Cohen could not let de Lesseps go without asking about what her co-stars had to say about her cabaret show's success, which Medley said in the reunion episode that de Lesseps confused fame with infamy.

"Yeah, I'm not taking advice, right now, from Dorinda," de Lesseps told Cohen. "Thank you for those two cents. But I will say, my cabaret, to me, is everything. I've found my calling in my life and if that makes them uncomfortable, that is too bad for them. That's all I can say. When I do my shows, I'm on stage and I'm doing my thing, so I don't let [the boozy environment] really affect me. I understand their concern and I appreciate it, but I'm good because I'm on stage doing what I love."