'Love Island USA': Bryce Shares His Take on Where Relationship With Courtney Went Wrong (Exclusive)

The fourth season of Love Island USA continues to surprise when it comes to the recoupling and dumping ceremonies. During the most recent dumping, the girls decided to send Bryce Fins home, surprising everyone in the Villa. Of course, no one was more surprised than Bryce himself. After his Love Island USA exit, Bryce spoke with PopCulture.com and not only shared his thoughts on his departure but shed some insight into where his relationship with Courtney Boerner went wrong. Spoiler alert, in Bryce's own words, he didn't think they were on the wrong path to begin with. 

Bryce was one of four men who were voted into the bottom by the viewers. But, it was up to the women of the Villa (who were safe) to choose who was going home. As Bryce explained, he was definitely "surprised" that he was sent home because he thought that his relationship with Courtney was on the right track. He said, "I felt like I was safe just because I had a really, really good thing going with Courtney. I genuinely feel our relationship was healthy and authentic and brought out the best of both of us in different ways."

Even though Bryce thought their relationship was going smoothly, they did hit a snag shortly before his exit. As viewers got to see, Zeta Morrison was even tasked with mediating, and, by Bryce's account, he thought that their relationship had a clear path going forward. He explained, "I actually felt really good walking away from the conversation because we agreed that we were going to work it out. She just said, 'These are the things I'm not comfortable with. This is what I want to see different.' And, we moved forward and our chemistry was still good. I still felt she was a little bit removed because it did upset her that night."

Bryce noted that he wasn't able to have a significant conversation with Courtney right after he was sent home, as there was too much going on between his departure and Mady McLanahan's. Although, he has since been able to watch the episodes that aired after his exit, and he had a lot to say about the apparent "red flags" that Courtney mentioned about their relationship. 

"She's got some interesting opinions on ... 'Bryce is a red flag because he wants to make the relationship work,'" Bryce said. He added that this wasn't initially how he "perceived her" when their relationship first began, saying, "She told me she wants something healthy. All of her exes she's friends with. She doesn't have these toxic relationships. She doesn't want to have one. So, if things are going really [well], I guess it could be perceived as bad because they're just waiting for something to go wrong. But, I just think that I was very involved and trying to make sure that she felt like she had my attention."  While Bryce has left the Villa, Courtney's journey will continue as Casa Amor revs up on the latest episodes of Love Island USA