'Love Island USA': Aimee and Wes Describe How Their Connection Has Grown Outside of the Villa (Exclusive)

Shortly before Casa Amor swept through the Love Island USA Villa, the group had to say goodbye to four Islanders. During the dumping, which took place on July 23, Aimee Flores and Wes Ogsbury were dumped from the island. Since then, Aimee and Wes got to speak with PopCulture.com about their time on Love Island, and they opened up about how their connection has only grown stronger since their departures.

Aimee and Wes' respective exits from Love Island didn't come at the best time, as the pair were only just starting to form a connection. According to Wes, there was actually a lot that fans weren't able to see about their coupling, as he said, "We was just vibing with each other, having a good time. We was progressing slowly. Day by day, we were getting more intimate. We could have been shown in a more positive light. We weren't [being shown in] a negative light, or anything like that, but I felt like America definitely deserves to get to know us better as a couple."

While fans may not have gotten to see Aimee and Wes' love story develop before they were dumped from Love Island, the two have certainly grown even stronger as a duo outside of the Villa. When asked about whether they were able to form such a close relationship now that they are out of the Love Island sphere, both replied in the affirmative. "I feel like you guys can really see its genuineness," Aimee reflected. "Day by day, I'm more and more attracted to this man. He's been great. I've been smiling hard since I've walked out of the Villa. I'm happy. I'm a happy girl."

"I would say it's definitely been a lot better outside of the Villa. She opened up a lot, as soon as she stepped out the Villa," Wes said in agreement. "It's hard on TV because you want to keep your guard up. You don't want to do anything that's going to be perceived in a negative light, or anything like that. It was really good to get out. I'm not implying that Aimee was faking anything on the show or anything like that, but it was really good to see her and get to know Aimee in real life. I'm loving it."

Wes and Aimee's relationship has grown to new heights since their departures from the CBS series, but that doesn't mean that they didn't enjoy a strong bond while they were both in the Villa. During that aforementioned dumping situation, there was a chance that Aimee or Wes could have been saved by their fellow Islanders, and thus remained on Love Island. In other words, the duo could have been split up. However, they wouldn't have remained apart for long. Interestingly enough, both noted that they likely would have left the Island if the other was dumped during that aforementioned dumping.


"Without a doubt. I would have left," Aimee said. "I felt like that last day, I felt more and more connected to Wes. I feel like I do show it more outside of the Villa, my affection, and how I feel about him. You know there's not cameras on you. You're just you. It's just us. It's organic. I definitely would have left without a doubt." She added, "There's so many people on this planet, and it's so hard to find that one connection, where you just feel that chemistry. So yeah, no, without a doubt." Wes had a similar answer, as he said that he already found what he was looking for in Aimee.

"I do think I would've ended up leaving, because seeing the girls that were on the show, or that came on, I wasn't really interested in the girls that had remained there. I wasn't interested in the girls that went on, either," Wes explained. He continued to say that even if he had remained in the Villa in this hypothetical situation, he would have "quickly realized" that he would not have found a stronger connection than his bond with Aimee. Wes added, "The connection that I saw with Aimee was going to be something strong. I didn't want to take that chance with anybody else." Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.