'Love Island' Fans Already Have a Favorite Couple After Episode 1

Love Island fans are already swooning for one of the couples. Islanders Alana Morrison and Yamen [...]

Love Island fans are already swooning for one of the couples. Islanders Alana Morrison and Yamen Sanders caught viewers of the CBS reality dating competition series rather quickly after Yamen picked her as his first partner of the summer.

During the coupling ceremony, Alana was the only contestant to step up and show interest for the handsome real estate agent, which made his choice of partner that much easier.

Fans of the show, and the original version from the United Kingdom, were delighted for the diverse couple and took it as an opportunity to praise the U.S. version.

With the introduction of Kyra Green at the end of the ceremony as a single islander who will get to change things up, fans were hoping she would not get in between the early beloved pairing.

As the couple got to know each other, they had their first awkward moment when Yamen asked Alana why she had never been in a relationship before, which Yamen thought as a red flag.

"I've never been in a relationship before," she said, leading to a shocked reaction from her partner.

"I'm not gonna lie that's surprising. That's crazy,"

"Not having had a boyfriend it's not like, 'Wooo!'" he said in a confessional, clarifying his reaction was more of surprise and wondering if something was wrong.

He then spoke of his relationship history, revealing he was left heartbroken by his last girlfriend. he later said, however, he was ready to meet someone new and move on.

"I'm going to continue to work on my situation with Yamen, and then he can become my BAE-men," Alana joked in the confessional.

Later, Yamen and Kyra had a flirty conversation while Alana watched from afar in which Kyra admitted her last relationship was with a woman, which Yamen found incredibly surprising. At the time, he said he was open to meeting someone who he could talk to all the time.

"Fiji is my sandbox and I'm ready to play," Kyra said in a confessional after the conversation.

In the evening, Alana admitted she was worried Kyra would steal Yamen away, but Kyra kept it vague saying she felt she had a connection with about three of the guys.

The re-coupling ceremony decision will be revealed on Wednesday's episode, but fans were already begging it not to be Yamen

Love Island airs weeknights at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.