Exclusive 'Little Women: LA' Sneak Peek: Christy Gibel's Sobriety Party Attended by Surprising Face From the Past

It's a good thing there won't be alcohol at this Little Women: LA party, because things look like they're about to go down.

In an exclusive sneak peek of the Tuesday, May 2, episode of the Lifetime reality show, Christy Gibel is celebrating eight years of sobriety from alcohol with all her friends when she reveals that she has invited old friend Lila Call to celebrate alongside them.

Fans of the Lifetime series will remember that Call's presence is usually accompanied by drama, and that she used to date Terra Jolé's husband Joe Gnoffo way back when.

So when she wanders into the midst of the party, Jolé throws her some serious side-eye.

"The last thing I knew about Lila is she was talking mad smack about Tonya [Banks], she was talking mad smack about Christy, and so to see her at this party is kind of boggling," she says in a confessional. "I mean, more props to you if you can forgive somebody just like that."

But she makes it clear that she certainly doesn't feel the same way Gibel does about Call showing up: "Girl, there's not enough medication in the world to make me forgive somebody just like that."

Sensing the tension at the party, Gibel reveals that she invited the Little Women: New York personality as a sense of sobriety solidarity.

"I invited Lila," she says. "We all know she has a struggled with the same disease I have. We should welcome her, because it's a horrible disease. So let's have a great day."

Call first got sober in 2013 after years of drinking, she revealed to Broadly in 2015.

"My 20s were crazy, drinking-wise," she said, "but I associated it with networking and being fun and being wealthy and artsy, and, just, it was nice to have wine."

On the show, Call described how she drank to deal with her loneliness and isolation, and how her behavior often got out of hand, including having one-night stands with random men and even waking up one morning with a dog collar around her neck.

Luckily, after hitting rock bottom, she found Alcoholics Anonymous and has relied on Gibel as a sober sister during her minor relapse in season one of Little Women: New York.

Can the old friends get along? Or is this sober party about to turn up?


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