'Little Women: LA': Christy Gibel's Daughter Autumn Declares She's Moving Out

At 18 years old, Christy Gibel's daughter Autumn is ready to venture out on her own. But the Little Women: LA cast member is woefully underprepared, her parents fear.

The teen first confronted mom Christy and step-father Todd out of the blue on Wednesday's episode of the Lifetime show, changing the direction of a conversation about her going to college to a stark statement about her future: "I want to move out."

The statement takes both her mom and dad by surprise, as Autumn hasn't nailed down a plan for a lot of the basics required of living alone.

"She doesn't understand," Christy tells Todd before turning to the cameras. "You gotta be kidding me. Autumn can just declare that she's moving out? She has no job, no degree, she doesn't even have a driver's license."

She continues: "This poor girl needs a healthy dose of reality."

But when Christy brings up the practicalities of living on one's own, Autumn pushes back, saying she's ready.

"I want to move out. That's my decision and I've been saving up the last couple of years," she said, adding that she's already looked at a few apartments near where she's been thinking about going to college."I've got to spread my wings! I've got to be like every other 18 year old and move out and live and experience."

But Christy is taking this all with a grain of salt.

"I have no idea where Autumn's priorities are right now," she tells the camera. "She claims she wants to move out, out of state, get a job, go to school, but she really doesn't know what it takes to do all that! And before she can do any of it, she really needs to learn how to drive."

While dad Todd tells the teen she needs to sit down and write out a plan, Christy says she first needs to get her daughter driving before they consider anything else.

"I've been chauffeuring Autumn's butt around for 18 years, and I'm not going to keep doing it," Christy says. "Especially if she wants to move out of state."

But Autumn, who has a number of health conditions, is nervous that her vision might be deteriorating too fast to drive. The mother-daughter duo decides to see if Autumn is making excuses to avoid driving or if there's something else going on with a visit to the optometrist, but when the doctor says Autumn's vision shouldn't prevent her from driving, the 18-year-old has a meltdown.

Will Autumn ever pluck up the courage to drive and get out of her parents house?


Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime