'Little People, Big World' Star Tori Roloff Reveals She Had a C-Section Due to Baby Lilah's 'Dwarfism'

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff told fans in another Instagram Story Q&A session that her 2-month-old daughter Lilah Ray has the same form of dwarfism as her father, Zach Roloff, and brother, Jackson Kyle. She also explained why a Caesarean section was necessary for Lilah. Jackson, 2, was also born via C-section.

On Wednesday night, one fan asked Roloff, 28, why Lilah was born via C-section.

"Because Lilah has dwarfism. It's not that I couldn't have a VBAC [vaginal birth after Caesarean section] but just most likely it would have ended in a C-section so we just skipped ahead," Roloff replied, reports PEOPLE.

"The hospital this time was so much more difficult for me," Roloff wrote when asked about the recovery process. "However I feel like I've recovered a lot faster this time around. Now just trying to get back into shape and love my body through [postpartum]."

Roloff later told fans she "freaking" loves being a mother of two, and explained where the name Lilah Ray comes from.

"I've always loved the name Lilah and thank goodness Zach did too," Roloff wrote. "And Ray is my dad's middle name and my grandfather's nickname."

"I am so thankful and blessed by kiddos," she continued. "Somehow we're two for two for easy babies."

Lilah was born in November. A month later, Roloff and her husband revealed in a TLC video titled "Meet Lilah Roloff" that she is a little person.

"Lilah has achondroplasia, dwarfism, so we're two for two on that front," Zach said in the clip.

Zach's mother, Amy Roloff, also appeared to confirm her new granddaughter would be al little person.

"She will be a little person," Amy said in an Instagram video in November. "And just to give you a quick synopsis, they have a 50/50 chance of having a little person like Zachary, or be an average size person."

"So, I commend Tori, she's a good mom," Amy continued. "I also commend her because realizing when you're not used to it, she's going to be the different one in her own family, instead of maybe Jackson or something like that. I think she is going to be great. She is doing great. And I love how they are both parenting Jackson. I think they're both doing wonderful in how they are doing that."

Roloff has constantly been sharing new photos on her Instagram page, tracking Lilah's growth. On Jan. 19, Roloff marked two months since Lilah was born and gushed about how quickly she has grown.


"We are loving our sweet Lilah ray and have really gotten to know her this month," she wrote on Instagram. "Time goes by so quickly and I'm trying to just enjoy every last second. We love you sweet bean!"

Although TLC has not confirmed when Little People, Big World will be back, Roloff told fans the show will return in the spring.