'Little People, Big World' Star Matt Roloff Defends Girlfriend Against Trolls

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is defending his long-term girlfriend Caryn against trolls and fans of the reality TV show on social media. The star took time out of his day to respond to some of the meaner comments underneath his Instagram post, telling fans why he's still with her after all this time. "I can't understand why Matt's girlfriend have [sic] to say. They're not married ijs," one user wrote underneath his recent post. "She still manages pumpkin season does she not," another fan questioned. "Because she's a brilliant business mind... and I find that very intriguing" Roloff said to both commenters.

While some fans on the series have recognized Matt's happier behavior since starting his relationship with Caryn, there are some viewers out there who believe the woman is only with the reality TV star for his money, calling her a "golddigger" and other various names. Caryn is very involved with Matt's business as well as his family. She's been seen on numerous occasions hanging out with Roloff's kids and grandkids during her time on the show. However, some fans are still having a hard time getting over the way she joined the show in the first place. Many still blame her for the fall of Matt and Amy's marriage.

Recently Chandler addressed the various names she's been called, sharing how hurtful it is to those that care for Caryn on the show. It's clear the Roloff family is standing by the possible new addition to the family. With how close the kids and grandkids have become with her, it's a wonder fans haven't heard any wedding bells ringing for the couple yet. Roloff's grandchildren have even started calling her grandma as well.


It's also very obvious that Roloff would like for Caryn to be apart of the family business, even though it's upset some of the fans. She previously had to step down from her position as farm manager due to the controversy that was started when Matt and Amy announced their breakup. Though she's been connected for years, and likely will continue to be as long as she remains with Matt. In the meantime, Amy continues to plan her own wedding –– which might inspire Roloff to finally bring Caryn into the family officially.