'Little People, Big World': Season 14 First Look Teases Big Changes for Roloff Family

The trailer for Little People, Big World Season 14 is here, promising big changes for the Roloff family.

The Roloff family continues to evolve right before our eyes on their hit reality show. After a painful divorce and awkward dating phase for each parent, the show will document their continuing attempts to hold the farm and the family together. On Tuesday, the trailer was published by PEOPLE, giving fans their first sneak peek.

The trailer finds Matt and Amy Roloff questioning how much they can continue to work together as the rest of their lives get more and more divergent. The future of the Roloff Farms is in question, while each throws themselves headlong into their new relationships.

"This year, out of any of the other years, everything has changed for me," Amy says. "Chris makes me see life in a whole different way."

"What I love about Amy is that she's willing to try new things with me," he adds.

Amy has now been seeing her boyfriend, Chris Marek, for quite some time. Her divorce was finalized in May of 2016, and Matt has since found a steady relationship with the Roloff Farms' manager, Caryn Chandler.

"We're really creating our own path," Matt says of Caryn. "We are on the precipice of the most transitional point in Roloff family history."

Meanwhile, the show will also follow Zach and Tori Roloff through the trials of early parenthood. Their 1-year-old son, Jackson, will be a budding reality star this season, as will the family's new puppy, Murphy.

"Nothing is cuter than a little dwarf baby!" Tori says.

The two will have some struggles of their own, especially as it looks like some health issues are on the way for Zach. He could be facing back surgery, as a doctor warns that he might be paralyzed by compression of the spine. In addition, they tell the camera bluntly that they have virtually no income and two mortgages to contend with.

While the trailer shows lots of enmity still present between Matt and Amy, it also promises some good times as well. There is a scene showing the two arguing in the barn, and Matt flat out asks Amy to sell her part of the family business. She is suspicious of this, and warns him not to manipulate her, especially with talk of their kids.


In the end, however, the trailer shows a hopeful scene of Amy, Matt, Marek and Chandler sitting around a fire toasting with drinks.

Little People, Big World Season 14 premieres on Tuesday, April 2 on TLC.