'Little People, Big World' Matriarch Amy Roloff's Latest Image Brings out the Trolls

Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff unfortunately has a way with attracting trolls to her social media posts.

The TLC reality star posted an image on Friday of the family's pets with the caption, "These two, Luna and Moose, [with] Felix are excited to have Jacob and Izzy back home from their travels. Luna was happy."

In the post, Roloff shared an image of the pets, followed by an image of her son Jacob, which triggered some of the TLC watchers with negative comments.

"I know he is your son, but Jacob tore up the show and his family. He is home freeloading because what he thought he was going to do he failed," Instagram user Maria Sisca commented.

Another user commented, "What does Jacob do for work to afford so much travel time?" while fans chimed in and shared that the youngest Roloff is actually a writer. Many Roloff fans took to the matriarch's page to defend the mother and her son, asking what was the big deal with being so mad at Jacob.

Sisca commented once again, stating to the others how Jacob "wasn't a child when he made those nasty remarks about his entire family."

"In life you apologize for your stupidity. Not judging stating facts. He is young is not an excuse for his behavior. God doesn't have anything to do with this you idiot," she retorted to a fan who came to Jacob's defense.


Neither Roloff nor her son commented back to the users. When Roloff shared the image to Facebook, majority of her fans chimed in with positive comments, writing how happy they were to say the TLC mom and her son spending time.