'Little People, Big World' Fans Are Going Crazy Over Jacob Roloff's Hair

A picture of Little People, Big World's most private family member Jacob Roloff sparked an intense discussion over the young man's appearance this weekend.

The photo, posted by Amy Roloff, showed the TLC matriarch having what looked like a delicious Saturday brunch consisting of pumpkin spice pancakes with her youngest son and his girlfriend Isabel.

It's a casual affair, but some people came after Jacob for his long hair, which some argued looked unkempt.

"Jacob looks like a psycho," a person commented.

"[Oh my God] cut your hair! You would look so much better," another added.

"Ugh, his hair," a third chimed in.

The 20-year-old was previously estranged from his family after quitting the TLC show, saying he felt "forced" to be on camera by his parents and cheated out of any money he should have made for being on TV. Since then, he's written the tell-all book Verbing about his time on the show and is planning another called"Out to See" for the near future.

Since the publication of his first book, he and his family have gotten back on better terms, but the young man still has been outspoken about the negative effect filming a reality show had on his family dynamic, saying it made him feel "isolated. And due to that, angry."

One commenter pointed out that nitpicking about silly things like hair is probably one reason Jacob isn't a fan of being on TV.

"No wonder Jacob doesn't want to be on the show anymore," they said. "Nasty fans commenting awful things about something silly like his hair. It's HAIR! Go get a life people! Seriously!"

Some fans who weren't focused on Jacob's hair said it was nice to see the family back together after such tough times.


"I'm so glad J is back on good terms with the [family]. He is a neat kid! As they all are," one person commented.

"So nice to see Jacob with you all again!!" another added.