'Little People, Big World' Star Audrey Roloff Reveals Adorable Nickname Daughter Ember Gave Brother Bode

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff's firstborn is adjusting so well to being a big sister! The Little People, Big World couple added son Bode to their family in January, and revealed on the new episode of their Behind the Scenes podcast that 2-year-old daughter Ember is absolutely in love with her little brother, even giving him a special nickname.

"I keep calling him my angel baby and now Ember calls him, 'Aww you angel baby, Bode. You angel baby,'" she told listeners. "He's just so sweet."

As for Audrey, who has suffered a number of times with mastitis with both children, she admitted to feeling "pretty good" for now.

"Bode is now two months old which is wild ... He's super healthy," she added, with Jeremy chiming in, "He's a big ol' milk dud."

Audrey celebrated her little one's 2-month milestone with a sweet photoshoot shared on social media Friday.

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"Two months with my little dude and he just gets sweeter every day," she wrote on Instagram. "He is such a smiley little baby, always bursting into the biggest gummiest grin when we talk to him. He's still sleeping like his daddy, just started 'cooing' back at us, and he's already busting through his [3-month] clothes. He is my little snuggler and I'm soaking up ever second."

Monday, Bode was given the clean bill of health during his well visit to the doctor, but has been suffering from a bit of eczema, Audrey revealed.

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"Just took Bode in for his two month check up," she shared on Instagram, adding a photo from the doctor's office. "So thankful for our healthy, strong, good-sleeping, smiley boy. He is already 2 feet tall! Buddy has a little bit of [eczema] on his tum, but it's still pretty mild so I'm not giving up cheese yet."


"Hopefully it gets better with moisturizing/oils and upping his probiotic," she continued, adding that big sister played a very important part in the visit as well. "Ember was very excited that Bode was the patient today instead of her, and she was eager to accept a sticker on his behalf."

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