'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff 'Relieved' to Move out of Family Farm to New House Post-Divorce

Amy Roloff is packing her bags for a new start after more than three decades on the Little People, Big World family farm and nearly four years after her divorce from ex-husband Matt Roloff. The TLC star shared her progress on the big move on Instagram, posting a photo of her car, filled to the brim with things moving to her new home with fiancé Chris Marek.

"This car of mine [Ford Escape] I love and has been great, and still is, in helping me move and so much more! I’m a [Ford] girl true and true," she began. "Its so doing its job hauling all the things I’m taking from the farm house to my new house. And it’s back and forth and back and forth."

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"And yes, I’m doing most of it myself - after 30 years - I’m going through everything and oh what memories come flooding my mind of a lot of things that went on in this house raising four kids," she continued. "And I’m thankful I got to do it though it’s been hard and tough purging. Oh I’m sure I’ll be doing more once I get ‘stuff’ to my new house thinking ‘why did I pack this?'"

The difficult process was made a little easier with the help of pup Felix, whom Amy revealed hasn't left her side through the whole move.

"I think he wants to make sure I don’t leave him behind," Amy wrote. "What that little guy doesn’t know - absolutely not and has been the best for me! "

Marek has also been a pillar of strength during the lengthy process.

"I’m thrilled to see some light at the end of this long journey of moving, purging, packing and moving into my new house. Woohoo!" Roloff wrote. "Sometimes I don’t know whether to jump up and yell ‘Hooray’ or cry. I do know I feel relieved. More adventures to explore, plan for all the while being grateful Chris is by my side rooting for me and helping so much. He has been tremendous."


Coming to the end of the move, Roloff revealed she now sees "the light at the end of the tunnel," adding, "I think I’ll make my end date- end of February. Yippee!"

Photo credit: David Livingston/Getty Images