'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff Reveals She's Officially Moving off Roloff Farms

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is on the move! The TLC star told fans in an Instagram Story that she was officially moving off Roloff Farms — a move that comes three years after her divorce from Matt Roloff. The previous season of the series ended with Roloff selling her half of the farm to her ex-husband as she planned to move out of her farmhouse. Over the weekend, Roloff shared a now-expired video on the social network with the caption, "And I still have LOTS more to pack and move to the new house."

"Today's the day!" Roloff said in the video, per a report from Good Housekeeping. "I am moving! Oh boy."

During the LPBW finale, which aired in June, fans saw Roloff reluctantly agree to a deal where she sold half her interest in the farm to Matt. Fans were shocked and confused by how it played out, inspiring Matt to publish a lengthy Instagram post to clarify how the deal went down.

Matt told fans the whole process was "too laborious" to be shown on television.

"There are many many more things to clarify that will surprise many of you (details that are too laborious) to make good TV so sometimes content is condensed into the hour show," Matt wrote. "Sometimes what they capture at one point becomes old news by the time the show airs. I say my favorite color is Red... then 6 months later it changed to blue."

In November, Radar Online reported Roloff and fiance Chris Marek bought a new home in Oregon in September. The home is just 15 minutes from Roloff Farms and sits on a 0.16-acre lot. The two-story home has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, so there is plenty of room for visits from her children and gandchildren. The new home reportedly cost $588,500.

Roloff confirmed she has a new home in a Nov. 8 Instagram post, featuring a car selfie with Mark in the driver's seat as they went furniture shopping.

"Guess what? Having a little fun," Roloff wrote. "In the adventure of seeing what's out their in the furniture world- dining table, chairs, couches, tables... it's a little intimidating the many choices and what do I like. I hope I'll know when the time is right... My Friday night."

While Roloff has reason to celebrate this Christmas because it is her first while engaged to Marek, it is also her first since the death of her mother, Patricia Knight. Knight died in September at age 86, and Roloff went to Michigan for the funeral.

"I must admit I haven't handled the collision of all these wonderful and sad emotions and life moments all at once as gracefully as I had hoped or wanted," Roloff wrote in a reflective Instagram message on Nov. 14. "That's where faith and grace showed up for me because I let it. It was a lot of stuff to handle for me and I'm realizing I really don't handle stress as well as I had thought. I've learned to give myself a little more grace which allowed me to look at a new day with a better attitude and see how much I have to be grateful and thankful for and still do."


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