Amy Roloff Fights With Boyfriend Chris Marek After He Abandons Her on Motorcycle Trip

Trouble in paradise? Amy Roloff and boyfriend Chris Marek's motorcycle road trip nearly came to a frustrating end due to his wandering tendencies.

The fight kicked off on Tuesday's episode of Little People, Big World when the TLC personality's beau stepped away during a dinner date and didn't return for quite a while.

"I'm definitely enjoying the trip, but we did get into an argument," Roloff confessed. "When we were having dinner, he just left, and he was gone for a long time, and I was left by myself. I had no idea where he was, what we was doing... Ugh, I was so mad at him."

When Marek returned to the table Roloff confronted him: "He told me that he had to go and talk to his friends for a little bit, and I said, 'That doesn't work for me. You could have at least let me know what was happening.'"

Marek then stepped in to defend himself.

"My head was in a different place when I walked away from the table," he said, adding that he apologized and the two are now on good terms. "There's some fundamentals in a relationship, and the two that we've got nailed are trust and communication. We trust each other 100 percent and we communicate well, so that's part of the reason it's going so well."

Amy said being able to resolve one of their first fights so well was a testament to their relationship, especially when compared to her marriage with ex-husband Matt Roloff. "When Matt and I were married, we didn't communicate on a lot of stuff that I think eventually grew us apart, and I didn't want to go down that path again."

She continued "So I'm glad that I mentioned something to Chris, and it's all good."

Communication is still an issue to Amy and Matt, who despite filing for divorce in 2015, still live about 500 feet apart on the family farm they co-own.

"Am I gonna move off the farm? It's tough thinking about spending eternity, or whatever that means, here with Amy," Matt said earlier on this season of Little People, Big World. "Now that Amy and I are divorced, I just want my own path that's separate from Amy's. It really has to do with just creating a little more balance in my own life."


Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: Instagram/Amy Roloff